Wovenwar Detail Self-Titled Debut Album, Streaming New Song 'The Mason'

Former As I Lay Dying members to unleash their first record on August 5, new tune inside.

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Wovenwar, the band consisting of former As I Lay Dying members sans singer Tim Lambesis, have announced details of their self-titled debut album, sharing a brand new tune along the way.

Featuring Shane Blay of Oh, Sleeper on vocals, the album is set to drop on August 5 via Metal Blade Records. As for the new single, the tune titled "The Mason" is available for streaming below. You can pre-order the whole record over on iTunes.

As reported, Tim Lambesis has been incarcerated for six years after hiring a hitman to murder his estranged wife Meggan. The group had since distanced themselves from the singer, calling him a "sociopathic narcissist in definite need of rehabilitation."

Back to Wovenwar, the band has previously streamed the debut album's lead single "All Rise." Make sure to check out both tracks below and let us know how the overall vibe feels.

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    Looking forward to this, what I've heard is sounding good Missing the screams/growls like in AILD though (sorry to say).
    Agreed. Missing something more gutteral. Pretty good listen though
    Pretty solid intro, nice guitar work, good melodies...digging this song.
    If you're expecting any harsh vocals on the album, don't get your hopes up. They plan on sticking to a more mainstream metal blueprint. It's apparently something Nick Hipa has wanted to do for a while - just do something more mainstream.
    idk dis music.....painkiller by judas preist is cool tho!!!! would b beta if dey covered preist!!!
    I dig it alot. It's never going to be AILD, and I can appreciate this song once I think of it as a different band..which is what it is.
    This isn't AILD, its a different band, not meant to be as heavy or scream orientated. Either way i think its damn good, its good to see such talented musicians to carry on writing/releasing music