Wovenwar Premieres New Song 'Profane'

Californian metalheads launch track to promote debut album.

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Wovenwar have released the song "Profane" from their self-titled debut album, which will be released on August 5.

The group, featuring former As I Lay Dying members Jordan Mancino, Josh Gilbert, Nick Hipa and Phil Sgrosso, teamed up with Oh, Sleeper vocalist Shane Blay, following the imprisonment of vocalist Tim Lambesis, who was jailed for six years for plotting to have his wife murdered earlier this year.

Speaking about the band's sound (via Metal Hammer), guitarist Hipa revealed they wanted to create something different and having Blay on vocal duties allowed them to experiment.

He says: "We wanted to try to include the ebb and flow and highs and lows within the same song. That works well with a guy like Shane because his voice can fit over a driving, aggressive rhythm, or something that's a little more subdued."

Wovenwar hit the road next month across the UK, including slots at both the Reading and Leeds Festivals.

Album tracklist

01. Foreword
02. All Rise
03. Death to Rights
04. Tempest
05. The Mason
06. Moving Up
07. Sight of Shore
08. Father/Son
09. Profane
10. 10 Archers
11. Ruined Ends
12. Identity13. Matter of Time14. Prophets

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    It's like AILD, but with a more accessible sound. I'm not disliking it, but I will have to let this sink in.
    Exactly. I saw them open for Black Label Society a few weeks ago. They were good, but there wasn't anything they played that blew me away.
    Same here saw them last week in the 2nd slot for BLS. not that impressed really, Kyng was the better opener in my opinion.
    Yea Kyng was pretty good! I went out for a smoke after kyng played and their singer came out so i went and shook his hand and told him thanks for putting on a good show. Real nice guy
    Saw them open for black label society as well in Cleveland a few weeks back and me and my brother were not impressed. It didn't help their sound mix was god awful. Sounded like radio rock garbage to me
    You people have heard 3 songs. THREE. How can you judge it? I've listened to the full album and it's awesome. Great writing, great vocals. Josh does quite a bit on the album and the music is solid. Modern metal fans are so freaking hard to please that its stupid.
    I miss the growls, they may fit in with some of the songs they've already released, but what they've released is really good Looking forward to this album, whenever it'll be released.
    I haven't listened to any of the studio stuff.... After I saw them open for BLS I was turned off. Really crappy show they put on I was disappointed. (But KYNG kicked ass!)
    Never cared for croaking/growling vocals for the most part. Still, wish I liked it more so far.
    i just read the BFMV article right before this one and i thought i was listening to another (better) BFMV song...
    I loved AILD and I feel like I'll like this too. I've actually already pre-ordered the album.
    Maybe they fear it'd be too similar to As I Lay Dying, but I want some harsh vocals. Shane has a good voice, but it's kind of flat and the lack of variety in the vocals really hinders each of the three songs they've released.
    I feel the same way. I wish I liked them a lot more than I do. Kind of a bummer...
    I want to like it, but I don't. They would've done better with Josh as lead vocals, like in the song "I Never Wanted".