Yeah Yeah Yeahs Announce New Album 'Mosquito'

artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs date: 01/15/2013 category: upcoming releases

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Announce New Album 'Mosquito'
Rolling Stone has reported that Yeah Yeah Yeahs have announced the release of a new album. "Mosquito", the band's first disc in four years, is set to hit shelves on April 16th. The band has posted a teaser video from the new album on YouTube - you can watch it below. Regarding the record, front woman Karen O has issued the following statement: "We would love for this music to make our fans feeeeel something, for it to stir some shit up inside of them, whatever that may be. So much feeling went into this record, it was the rope ladder thrown down into the ditch for us to climb up and dust ourselves off. I hope others can climb up it too; we're excited to share the good vibes." According to Rolling Stone, the record will have a playful, lo-fi vibe, and was recorded in the band's basement studio in Manhattan: "I think this record has more moodier and tripped-out songs than you've ever heard from us," Karen O said. "You might catch some roots reggae and minimalist psychedelia influences in there."
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