Yellowcard: New Release

Yellowcard has set a release date for a new album, titled "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes."

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On August 1, 2010 Yellowcard's official Facebook page announced that the band has reformed and will be working on a new record.

Yellowcard since then has announced that they will be recording a new record and it will be called "When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes."

The band has gone on to announce the name and release date of the first single, "For You, And Your Denial".

It was made available for purchase on iTunes and is streaming at and their MySpace page.

According to their official website, the new album is set to hit stores March 22, 2011. This will be their first release since 2007's "Paper Walls."

Tracks names which have been confirmed are "Empty Street," "Hide," "Hang You Up," "Be The Young", "See Me Smiling", and "Sing For Me."

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    I wasn't too thrilled with their new single, but I'm still looking forward to Yellowcard's next album. It's weird how they've seemingly forgotten that they were on "permanent hiatus". I'm glad they're back together, but I don't think they've mentioned the hiatus since reforming, though I could be mistaken. I guess Ryan Key's side project didn't really work out for some reason.
    Yellowcard is amazing, but it will never be the same without Ben. He wrote most of the music before he left.
    Who cares? The violin thing was cool for about a few months before everyone realized they weren't good.
    There new single had the old "Ocean Avenue" Sound. that was one of the greatest albums ever. If you were ever a teenager in love you loved the album ocean avenue and im hoping that with this single, they go back to that amazing sound. I have every album just cause, loved the single.
    I don't like this band. Not saying they are bad or anyhting, just not my style of music, but damn ocean avenue is catchy as hell.
    I haven't listened to the new single or anything but i loved Lights and Sounds and i have high hopes for this album. I hope it sounds just as good, if not better!
    I've been a fan for a while, they have a special place in my heart, and this song is great. Haters gonna hate.
    garret.wilk wrote: worst band ever? Try Gwar. Just awful lol
    Although I've never really cared for Yellowcard, I agree with you completely. haha
    man I love Lights and Sounds I liked this album most til now =D lets see if this changes with the new one !
    To be honest I haven't listened to them besides Ocean Avenue. But it's such a damn good song I'll check out this new one.
    they do have a somewhat unique sound. While I know many bands use Violin parts in various tracks, they have a violinist as a permenant member, yes others have done it but Yellowcard seems to be one of the more prominent alt rocks group that use it. I only bring this to light as its nice to see something different, and some may not like it buts its a nice change of pace. The band isn't really hardcore, but they are rock and in my opinion they do make good songs. I can understand if someone doesn't like them, but I wish people would say that instead of 'this band sucks'. Just because one does not like it does not mean its bad.
    I used to have an obsession with this band a while ago. Ocean Avenue still is one of my favorite albums, the other two weren't that great. Paper walls had a few good songs here and there. The single was eh though.
    I'm not into their kind of music, but I love Yellowcard, I think that Ocean Avenue is a great album, and I really like this new single.
    One of the worst bands of all time? If you do state that, please try and attempt to justify yourself as well before you look like a complete douche. kthxbai.
    It's kind of nice to have Yellowcard back in the music world. I liked their single, so I'm looking forward to hear the album
    Trust me, there are bands way worse than Yellowcard, but that's your opinion. Anyway, Can't wait to hear the whole album.
    they new song sounds like it was written in their ocean avenue days... i was gonna say, yellowcard just came out with an album named lights and sounds... ...but its 2011 already, nevermind.