Yngwie Malmsteen: Audio Samples Of Entire 'Spellbound' Album Available

New album from legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen can be streamed now.

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Audio samples of all the tracks that are set to appear on "Spellbound", the new album from legendary Swedish guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, can be streamed at Amazon.com.

The CD will be released on December 5.

"Spellbound" track listing:

01. Spellbound 02. High Compression Figure 03. Let's Sleeping Dog Lie 04. Repent 05. Majestic 12 Suite 1,2 & 3 06. Electric Duet 07. Nasca Lines 08. Poisoned Mind 09. God Of War 10. Iron Blues 11. Turbo Amadeus 12. From A Thousand Cuts 13. Requiem For The Lost

Acclaimed heavy metal singer Tim "Ripper" Owens (Beyond Fear, ex-Judas Priest, Iced Earth), who has been fronting Yngwie Malmsteen's band both live and in the studio since February 2008, does not appear on "Spellbound".

Owens was unable to join Malmsteen at the Getaway Rock in July due to scheduling conflicts with Tim's official Ronnie James Dio tribute band Dio Disciples. Handling most of the lead vocals during Yngwie's set at the Getaway Rock Festival was bassist Ralph Ciavolino (via Blabbermouth).

Swedish bassist Bjorn Englen, who was a member of Yngwie's touring band for five years, left the group earlier this year and is currently on the road with Dio Disciples, which is fully supported by Dio's widow/manager, Wendy.

Yngwie's last album, "Relentless", came out on November 22, 2010 via Malmsteen's own Rising Force Records.

Yngwie is working on his autobiography. Described as "the only real and true story written by Malmsteen himself," "Relentless", will be released in early 2013.

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    Sounds really good, .. I even like the singing, though it seems he used some pitch correction sometimes, but anyway,.. it feels "new" and not that repetitive as other albums.
    I really wouldn't call Yngwie a 'shredder' myself. Yes, he's fast, but lots of people play fast, and many play a lot faster. Listening to Malmsteen, the first thing you notice is the emotion of the playing, along of course, with incredible technique, speed, and melody.
    I like Yngwie but why so much beat machines... Hire the worst drummer for a penny per hour, it'll be better!
    He uses a drummer? No beat machine. Don't talk crap about an artist you don't know anything about.
    I find more soul in the form of Buckethead and Satch. Malmsteen always seemed like he's just jerking off. Same with Batio.
    Buckethead is TOTALLY mechanical! What the hell are you talking about?? Apparently you're not really listening because every note, fast as they are, that Yngwie plays is dripping with emotion, while Buckethead looks and sounds just like a machine!
    I know he's fast and all but I could just never get into shredders. Yeah, you're fast and you've put alot of time in. But whats it all for? So you can mesmerize people who can't play? Mesmerize them with soul and not a barrage of notes. As much as Chinese Democracy sucked the last solo off of "Better" had more soul than any of bucketheads on the same song. It just..made you feel the song.
    You are right of course, soul matters, not techniques, but I think a GOOD shredder is one that can combine both.
    Why is it either/or in so many people's minds? Soul AND technique BOTH matter! And Yngwie has both, in spades. Open your ears!