You Pick The Songs On Beck's Next Album

artist: Beck date: 11/08/2010 category: new releases
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Rather than second guess himself or his fans, Beck has asked you to help him narrow down the songs that will appear on his next album by voting on a newly launched website. The album will be a compilation of tracks from Beck's Record Club project, which he first announced during the summer of 2009. His delightfully eclectic Record Club has seen him pair up with the likes of Wilco, Feist, and MGMT. The concept: Spend a single day reworking an entire album by artists running the gamut from Yanni to INXS to The Velvet Underground & Nico. The result of all that wild reinterpretation56 songsneeds to be reduced down to just 10 songs for inclusion on the first Record Club album. Each song is available to preview via video on Beck's voting site. This will be the twelfth studio album from the Los Angeles-based artist. Beck last released Modern Guilt in 2008. Thanks for the report to Ellen Barnes,
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