Andrew W.K. Confirmed as an Opening Act for Black Sabbath

artist: Andrew W.K. date: 06/28/2013 category: upcoming tours

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Andrew W.K. Confirmed as an Opening Act for Black Sabbath
Andrew W.K. was officially announced as an exclusive support act for metal legends Black Sabbath on their upcoming US tour. The tour is set to kick off on July 25 in Texas, and will see W.K. performing a DJ set on each of the concert nights. "I'm just shocked," Andrew said in an official announcement. "It's just the most incredible dream come true! This is the greatest honor I could be given. I remember when the phone rang and I first heard that Black Sabbath wanted me to be their exclusive opening act. I was really in a state of disbelief almost sick with amazement and excitement." W.K. continued expressing his excitement, saying, "It took about 3 days until I fully mastered the reality of this opportunity and realized it was really going to happen. Black Sabbath's music changed my life from the first time I heard it, and this tour will change my life all over again. I couldn't be more thankful or humbled by this one-in-a-billion miracle. Can this really be real!? What kind of adventure will this be!?" As the announcement reads, W.K. will warm up the crow with "a rabble-rousing selection of classic riffs, heavy jams, and crowd pleasing favorites spanning every era of hard rock and metal." The tour will see the metal pioneers and W.K. performing a total of 20 dates, keeping them busy until early September. In recent W.K. news, Andrew broke the world record for the longest drum session ever after jamming 24 hours non-stop at this year's MTV Music Awards.
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