Blink 182 To Tour With Weezer This Summer?

artist: Blink-182 date: 04/09/2009 category: upcoming tours

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Blink 182 To Tour With Weezer This Summer? is reporting that the newly reformed Blink-182 will be hitting the concert circuit this summer with Weezer being their main supporting act. The site claims that an "inside source" confirmed to them that the rumors of Blink-182 and Weezer touring this summer were in fact true. No tour dates have been announced nor have any labels confirmed the possible "Blinker" tour ("Bleezer" tour? "Wink" tour?), but it wouldn't be the first time that either band has paired up with another huge act for a set of tour dates. Blink-182 has co-headlined along the likes of No Doubt and Green Day (another band they were rumored to be touring with this summer) while Weezer participated in the "Foozer" tour with the Foo Fighters in 2005. In other Blink-182 tour news, bassist Mark Hoppus posted a snapshot of a possible setlist for the upcoming tour. The picture can be seen here. Fan favorites such as "Dammit," "All The Small Things," and "The Rock Show" are all present along with more songs spanning their entire catalog. Additionally, Blink-182 is working on a new record which is likely to be released in early 2010. Report by David Lowe-Bianco.
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