Demiricous: New Drummer, On Tour

artist: Demiricous date: 01/11/2006 category: upcoming tours

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Demiricous are proud to announce Mike Rafferty as the touring drummer for the band. This will be a trial before making him the permanent band member. He has previously drummed for God Below and Brand New Sin. He has also recently done drum teching for Trivium. He's a killer guy and a killer drummer. The band is very happy so far. His first show with the band will be the CD release show. After their release show, the band plan to hit the road. Demiricous will be touring with Himsa, Still Remains, and more. Dates are as follows:
  • CD Release show: 01/24 - Emerson Theater - Indianapolis, IN
  • w/ Himsa, Ringworm, The Banner: 02/14 - Ten Bells - Grand Rapids, MI 02/15 - Alvin's - Detroit, MI 02/16 - Forward Hall - Erie, PA
  • w/ Still Remains: 03/20-05/06 - dates forthcoming
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