Fleetwood Mac To Tour In 2013

artist: Fleetwood Mac date: 07/13/2012 category: upcoming tours

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Fleetwood Mac To Tour In 2013
Stevie Nicks confirmed Fleetwood Mac will be joining forces again next year for another tour. According to Undercover, Nicks revealed the information to radio host Gayle King on her "This Morning" talk show yesterday. Nicks said the plan was for the group to get back together and tour next year. When asked if everybody was on board regarding the tour, Nicks reportedly quickly replied "Oh yeah!" without much hesitancy. The Daily Mail said Nicks added that the tour would take place next year. "Next year, so far," she said. "It's the plan. Because that's what we do. I do my [solo] thing. And Lindsey is out doing his [solo] thing now. Everybody's on board." The tour would be the band's first since 2009 and the news comes after Mick Fleetwood earlier this year thought hopes for another tour were fleeting. Fleetwood also seemed to point the finger at Nicks as to why Fleetwood Mac hadn't toured earlier. "I played drums on most of Stevie's album, the one she is still out there supporting and the one that is the reason that, for now, she refuses to do a Fleetwood Mac tour," the drummer said. "It comes down to her." Although next year will be busy for Nicks with Fleetwood Mac, the singer has a handful of solo gigs over the next few months supporting her latest studio album "In Your Dreams". Fleetwood Mac released its last studio album, "Say You Will", in 2003. Thanks for the report to Spinner.com.
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