Leaked Secret Link Allows Black Sabbath Fans to Buy Hyde Park Tickets for 30 Times Cheaper Price

artist: Black Sabbath date: 06/30/2014 category: upcoming tours

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Leaked Secret Link Allows Black Sabbath Fans to Buy Hyde Park Tickets for 30 Times Cheaper Price
A "ticketing error" has recently allowed Black Sabbath fans to purchase tickets for the band's headlining Hyde Park show for merely £2.50 ($4.25) each.

As Blabbermouth reports, the whole situation occurred as a secret link intended for employees of the event's organizers leaked, ultimately turning into a concert bargain of the century.

The full ticket price is £69 ($117), making the "ticketing error" price nearly 30 times cheaper. However, the organizers have apparently caught up with the leak, as discounted tickets are now labeled as "sold out" or "unavailable."

According to the same source, AXS ticketing company has stated that the discount was an offer open only to "companies that are connected with the promoter," but still noted that AEG Live plans to honor all $4.25 tickets.

Apart from Sabbath, the July 4 Hyde Park show will feature Soundgarden, Faith No More, Motorhead, Wolfmother, Soulfly and more.

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