Liam Gallagher To Sing 'Wonderwall' At Olympics

artist: Liam Gallagher date: 07/20/2012 category: upcoming tours

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Liam Gallagher To Sing 'Wonderwall' At Olympics
Liam Gallagher will perform the Oasis sing-along classic "Wonderwall" at the London 2012 Olympics' closing ceremony, it has been confirmed. Oasis split in 2009, but Liam will be backed by his bandmates in Beady Eye, all of whom were part of the Oasis lineup prior to its collapse. The cello score from the original is being re-recorded as an "epic orchestral arrangement" by top producer David Arnold in London's AIR Studios. According to The Sun, Liam's brother Noel Gallagher (who wrote the song) was originally drafted in to perform the track. Sources say Noel declined the offer after thinking "long and hard" over it - no simple decision, considering the 650 million people who will be tuned in to see it. "[Noel] has been on a great tour and he doesn't really need to do it," said the source. "The organisers asked Liam if he was game and he said yes. The Who are on the same bill, so he was well up for it." "The team wanted something quintessentially British - a real flag-waving, singalong moment to show the rest of the world what this country has produced. Oasis were exactly that and, whether it's Noel or his brother Liam, they just wanted a bit of rock 'n' roll in there." Earlier this week we reported on the baffling news that comedian Russell Brand is set to cover the Sex Pistols as part of the closing ceremony.
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