Linkin Park Announce Download 2014 Show, Give New Album Update

artist: Linkin Park date: 11/05/2013 category: upcoming tours

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Linkin Park Announce Download 2014 Show, Give New Album Update
Linkin Park have announced their appearance at 2014's Download festival, Metal Hammer reports. More than that, the band is going to play their classic debut 2000's album "Hybrid Theory" in full. "We have been kicking around the idea of playing 'Hybrid Theory' for some time and the perfect opportunity is Download 2014," says the band's singer Chester Bennington. "The legendary energy of the Download crowd is the apex of the rock experience and we are very excited to share this special night with them." What's more, Chester recently talked to 102.1 FM Milwaukee, revealling some details on the band's new album, which is rumoured to be released in 2014. The singer described new music as very "heavy" and "cool" and admitted that he wanted to make people think "I don't know what these guys are doing in there." Listen to the interview below. So now Linkin Park join the likes of Rob Zombie and Avenged Sevenfold in Download 2014 lineup with more to come. Are you excited?
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