Newsted Diagnosed With Pneumonia, Cancels Tour Dates

artist: Jason Newsted date: 07/22/2013 category: upcoming tours

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Newsted Diagnosed With Pneumonia, Cancels Tour Dates
Jason Newsted has been forced to cancel the remaining Canadian dates of this year's Gigantour after being diagnosed with pneumonia. As Classic Rock reports, the bassist is intending to be back on the road with the touring festival by next week. Newsted has issued the following statement: "I'd been felling a bit under the weather while performing the most recent shows, so I went to the doctor on my day off today and I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia. "So under doctor's orders I'm taking a week to rebuild. My apologies to our Canadian brothers and sisters I'm going to work on keeping me alive so together we can keep the metal alive!" Megadeth mainman (and Gigantour festival founder) Dave Mustaine has sent Newsted a message of support via twitter, in which he has also invited the bassist to jam on the classic Metallica tune Metal Militia: "Jason, we heard you're ill. So bummed, and I'm sure the fans are too. Get well soon. Metal Militia when you return?" In other Newsted news, a teaser trailer of the bands upcoming album has been posted online:
We here at Ultimate-Guitar wish Jason Newsted a speedy recovery.
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