Ozzfest 2010 To Return

artist: Ozzfest date: 01/25/2010 category: upcoming tours

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Ozzfest 2010 To Return
Ozzfest 2010 will make its heralded return to the festival circuit after a one year hiatus. In addition to this good news, Soul Sucka, will not be the name of Ozzy Osbourne's new studio album. Osbourne spoke out to Rolling Stone: "When we put that on the Internet none of my fan base liked the title. They were like, 'I can't imagine me walking around the fucking house with the words "Soul Sucka" on my T-shirt.' So I was like, 'Fuck it. I've got to come up with something else!'" The now untitled set is due out in July, the same month Osbourne says that Ozzfest will return after a one-year break. "After Ozzfest I'm doing the most extensive tour of my life," he says. "It'll be something like, 3,025 dates." The new album will be Osbourne's first without Zakk Wylde since the guitarist joined the band in 1988. Taking his place is Greek guitarist Gus G. Thanks for the report to SmnNews.com.
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