Paul McCartney Announces 2013 World Tour

artist: Paul McCartney date: 03/21/2013 category: upcoming tours

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Paul McCartney Announces 2013 World Tour
Paul McCartney has revealed details of his 2013 world tour, to be titled "Out There!". He's also working on a brand new album, to follow his 2012 cover record "Kisses On The Bottom." The songwriting maverick has only announced two tour dates in Poland and Austria for late June, but promises that more international appearances will be announced in the coming weeks. "The tour will see Paul and his band travel the world throughout the year, even visiting some places they've never been before," said a statement on Paul's website where tickets will be available soon. If you're a McCartney fan and plan to head to your nearest music shop for Record Store Day this year, look out for his exclusive release of "Maybe I'm Amazed," a 12" vinyl of a 1976 Wings song which was originally released as a radio promo. In other McCartney news, he was reportedly ignored by train passengers when he started performing Beatles songs on public transport because they thought he was an everyday busker. He was apparently travelling with his wife in New Orleans when he broke into a medley of Beatles hits, but the passengers took little notice, according to NME.
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