Radiohead, Massive Attack Members Play Occupy London Gig

artist: Radiohead date: 12/07/2011 category: upcoming tours

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Radiohead, Massive Attack Members Play Occupy London Gig
According to NME, both Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Massive Attack's 3D played a "thank you" gig for Occupy London protesters inside the basement of a building owned by Swiss banking company UBS last night. The intimate performance in front of a crowd of around 100 people also featured a guest appearance from UNKLE's Tom Goldsworthy. The Guardian newspaper is reporting that the show will be made available as a "pay what you want" download from the Occupation Records label. The proceeds will go to support the occupy movement. Occupy spokesman Ronan McNern offered the following statement: "Artists are doing this in solidarity with the Occupy movement. It's tremendous... And hopefully it will be the first of many concerts." Concert organiser Adam Fiztmaurice, meanwhile, was impressed by the breadth of support that the Occupy movement has courted: "Yesterday I was meeting with clergy [from the church], and today it is with rock stars. The Occupy movement has so many cultures and this is just a snap shot of what we are doing." Radiohead's involvement in the Occupy protests will come as little surprise. The band has lent their support to many activist causes and charities including fair trade, anti-globalisation and climate change groups. The NME has noted that a number of acts including Lou Reed, Sonic Youth and Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello have expressed solidarity for the movement. The website, which was launched last month, will "serve as a resource to facilitate performances at Occupy spaces and events". Morello appeared at an unannounced acoustic show at the Occupy protests outside St Paul's Cathedral in London last month, offering the following comment on the event: "The people that own and control this world don't deserve to. I have a message for them, the beginning is near. History isn't made by CIA men running dope or by old men. It is made by people."
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