Soilwork: Festivals, New Album

artist: Soilwork date: 03/03/2006 category: upcoming tours

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Soilwork frontman, Bjorn "Speed" Strid has posted the following statement: "Hi there! "I'm in Studio Fredman right now, mixing the new Disarmonia Mundi album. Things are going good but hectic as usual. Hopefully everything goes well and the album can be released sometime in april/may. "Soilwork is getting ready to hit the road again after a pretty long break (probably needed). To tell you the truth, the inspiration is flowing right now and we've already pretty much completed 2 new Soilwork songs that just sounds killer. I gotta say it was unexpected to get this kind of inspiration after all that happened, or maybe that was just the reason why? I have more faith in this band than ever." Soilwork have announced the following summer festivals: 05/06 - Haugesund, NO @ Karmoygeddon Festival 06/03 - Gelsenkirchen, D @ Rock Hard Festival 06/09 - 11 - Donnington, UK @ Download Festival 06/15 - 17 - Hultsfred, SE @ Hultsfred Festival 06/07 - Gothenburg, SE @ Metal Town 07/07 - 09 - Ruissalon Kansanpuistossa, FI @ Ruisrock 07/07 - 08 - Borlange, SE @ Peace & Love 08/03 - 05 - Wacken, D @ Wacken Open Air Thanks for this article to
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