Springsteen Granted Late License for London Summer Show

artist: Bruce Springsteen date: 04/10/2013 category: upcoming tours

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Springsteen Granted Late License for London Summer Show
Bruce Springsteen has been granted a late curfew for his show in London this summer after the plug was pulled on his show in Hyde Park when it overran last July, NME reports. The extended 11pm curfew for the show, which takes place in the stadium built for last summer's Olympics, was agreed by Newham council and will also apply to Kasabian, Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, all of whom are playing shows at the venue in June. Councillor Ian Corbett, chairman of the licensing sub-committee, said of the decision: "We have considered this very carefully. We have to strike a balance between residents living nearby, whose feelings are very important to us, and concert-goers, who want to enjoy themselves." He continued: "Concerts are a key part of the animation of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park post-Games and we believe it's important we take a common-sense approach. We want these major events to be a pivotal part of the Games legacy - drawing thousands of visitors and providing a huge boost for the local economy." "We're also creating a situation where people will feel good about their community and everyone can play a part in the legacy - and have fun."
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