The Darkness Announce World Tour

artist: Darkness date: 11/08/2012 category: upcoming tours

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The Darkness Announce World Tour
The Darkness have announced dates for a world tour.

The first leg of the "Let Them Eat Cakes" tour kicks off in North America on January 10 before visiting Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

UK fans can buy tickets from today, with the rest of Europe getting access from Friday. Tickets for the US, Australia and New Zealand go on sale next week.

Meanwhile, Amazon is currently selling their new album "Hot Cakes" for a discount at $5 during November. It is their first album since reforming in March 2011, after splitting in 2005.

In August, frontman Justin Hawkins said: "There's something I do that connects with a gay audience... I think we're all a bit effeminate. We're not men's men, much as we may appear to be so."

You can see the full list of tour dates in the image below or at the Darkness website.

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