The Killers Add To 'Day & Age' Tour

artist: The Killers date: 07/31/2009 category: upcoming tours

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Alt-rockers The Killers have tacked a handful of dates onto their forthcoming North American run behind last fall's "Day & Age." Since last check, eight new shows have been added to the itinerary, which kicks off Aug. 8 in Elizabeth, IN, and canvases the continent before concluding Oct. 3 in Miami. "Day & Age," The Killers' third studio set and the follow-up to 2006's "Sam's Town," surfaced last November. "We have a lot of different influences - everything from David Byrne, [Bruce] Springsteen to U2 and Duran Duran as well - and different things will pop out at different times," guitarist Dave Keuining said about the new effort in a February interview with LiveDaily. "There's some darker stuff on this album, too. We just covered some new ground we haven't covered before. We're not limiting ourselves." In between the two albums, The Killers released "Sawdust," a compilation of b-sides and studio outtakes, which hit shelves in November 2007. One of the tracks - "All The Pretty Faces" - has been added to the track list of the forthcoming "Guitar Hero 5," according to Rolling Stone. Thanks for the report to
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