Tool US Tour Dates For 2012

artist: Tool date: 12/13/2011 category: upcoming tours

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Tool US Tour Dates For 2012
After some long-awaited Tool tour dates mysteriously disappeared last week, they have been officially confirmed and bunded with some new stops. Is the new Tool album ready? Tool fans began frothing at the mouth when two shows were announced for 2012 last week. The dates mysteriously vanished from the internet within hours, but they have now reappeared and been confirmed. Audio Ink Radio found that the two dates were legit, and according to Ticketmaster there's now an extra two dates, suggesting the band will be booking plenty more stops for a proper 2012 tour. Perhaps more exciting is that a tour suggests the band has finally finished its newest album. It's last record "10,000 Days" was released in 2006, and the band has previously taken up to five years to complete production on a new record. This would mark the longest gap between releases, and fans have been bursting to hear new music from the progressive metal masters. Frontman Maynard James Keenan is facing a busy 2012, as his side-project Puscifer is also planning for a stretch on the road between February and March. Will you be trekking out to see Tool hit the stage with their stratospheric music and mind-bending visual show? Share your excitement for this and their new record in the comments. Tool 2012 tour dates (so far): 01/14 - Reno Events Center - Reno, NV 01/17 - Tuscon Arena Tucson, AZ 01/18 - Tingley Coliseum - Albuquerque, NM 01/24 - Huntingdon Center - Toledo, OH Thanks for the report to
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