Vader Posts Tour Summary

artist: Vader date: 09/24/2009 category: upcoming tours

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Vader has posted some behind-the-scenes photos of their Polish Blitzkrieg 5 Tour with Marduk here. Frontman/guitarist Peter W. offers the following tour summary: "The show in Torun on 13th September crowned the Polish part of Vader's Blitzkrieg Tour 2009. We were playing with Marduk (supporting were Esqarial, Chainsaw, and Lost Soul) in 15 cities of Poland. Vader and Massive Music would like to thank all those who spent time with us on this brain-crashing tournee!!! In the season between April and mid- September, we organized a number of shows in our country in smaller, not-often-visited cities. Next Blitz is in two years... however, we plan to continue to play concerts in some places which we missed in 2009. Thanx one more time and SEE YOU SOON!!!!!Poland should be proud having so many dedicated Metal Heads indeed!!!!! \m/" Vader will be playing 30 more shows in Europe before heading over to North America for their 38-date "Decibel Presents: Monsters Of Death Tour" with California's Decrepit Birth, L.A.'s Warbringer, The Amenta from Australia, and Montreal, Canada's Augury beginning November 4thin Baltimore, Maryland.
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