Van Halen Deny European Tour Reports

artist: Van Halen date: 03/13/2013 category: upcoming tours

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Van Halen Deny European Tour Reports
Van Halen have denied reports that they were scheduling a major European tour in late 2013, following comments by David Lee Roth suggesting they would head there to play "probably 50 or 60 shows starting at the end of this year." Their manager Irving Azoff has stepped in to clear up the matter. "All the announced dates, which include the date in Australia, the dates in Japan and a date in Wisconsin, are confirmed and on sale and those are real," Azoff told Billboard. "I manage the Van Halens, and I know nothing about any European tour." Other officially scheduled world tour dates will continue as planned, including appearances in Australia and Japan. Azoff's update will be a blow to European fans who haven't seen the band live since 1998 when Extreme singer Gary Cherone fronted the group. Van Halen had to cancel their world tour in June last year when guitarist Eddie Van Halen was rushed to hospital because a spicy detox diet went wrong. One account said it caused his intestines to "explode," putting him on the brink of death. But Eddie made it through, and has been recovering ever since while the band took a break and his son Wolfgang Van Halen joined Tremonti as touring bassist. Could the Van Halen reunion be cursed, or will the band bite back in 2013 and sound better than ever? Share your opinion in the comments. Photo credit by Ben Italiano.
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