10-Year-Old Girl Does Brutal Cover Of Black Sabbath's 'War Pigs'

Yet another oustanding Sabbath cover surfaces online. Can Ozzy & Co dream of a better tribute?

Ultimate Guitar

Black Sabbath tribute acts are ten for a penny these days. But Motion Device, a band from Ontario, Canada, can lay claim to uniqueness when it comes to covering the Birmingham metal legends. As Blabbermouth notes, the band, made up of brother and sister David (13) and Andrea (15), cousin Josh (18) and family friend Alex (18) is fronted by Sara Menoudakis, who is 10-years-old.

Their interpretation of the Black Sabbath classic "War Pigs" sounds something like this:

YouTube preview picture

Motion Device might want to consider heading out on tour with The Mini Band, the group of 8-10 year olds whose surprisingly tight cover of "Enter Sandman" was featured on Ultimate-Guitar back in 2011.

But what do you, Ultimate-Guitar readers, think of Motion Device's version of "War Pigs"? And for that matter, what other funny and strange covers of famous rock songs have you seen at gigs or online that have stuck in your mind. Tell us about it in the comments, and throw some links out there. For a bit of inspiration, here's a feature we did a few months ago on some of the most epic cover fails ever posted onto the real of the internet.

Entries don't have to be amateur bands either. Even the pros know how to dish out funny, strange and sometimes down right crappy covers of other artists from time to time.

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    I've seen enough grown-up bands who don't play this song as well as these kids. ...and that girl is rockin that bass. Props!
    Bass is awesome... but I think its too loud in the mix. I could be wrong though. Good cover.
    That little girl with the drum kicks major ass...at least in my opinion
    bad-ass, but vocals are... ugh.
    This is too low for her, they should have take it on a higher key, though it wouldn't sound the same.
    I know 10 years olds who don't even know who Black Sabbath are, let alone *sing* it. Credit where credit is due, man.
    If someone could *guarantee* me kids would be like this I'd actually would want to have some.
    Yeah, it would make you think that perhaps there is hope for humanity if this is the future lol.
    I thought the same thing Jesus_Dean! And a 6-string bass at that! Singer really gets going in the bridge which is more in her range. Props to all! Extra credit for the fringe!
    As i watched it i kept finding little things wrong with it or things to complain about, then i realised what the problem actually was. jealousy over the fact that they are way better than i was at that age, which i need to give them props for.
    I hate it when I learn a song and I feel a little bit accomplished, then I see kids like me playing stuff that's mind-blowingly(you like that adverb?)good.
    whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa now.... lets not say "mind-blowingly" good. It was an ok cover by kids who will play it 50x better if they stick with it in 10 years.
    Both covers are great. I cant believe the timing that little girl has on that drum. Awesome, better than a lot of radio these days. Peace
    I don't know how anyone dislikes this article. We have a little girl here who's interested in something other than OMGZ BOY BANDZ, and people are still not happy.
    Holy shit, the girl is brutal! Awesome voice, maybe there is hope for music after all.
    I don't understand why these kids are getting slammed by UG. The girl is 10. AND she's not singing any justice beaver crap. Give credit where credit is due. I hope these kids ride this out and have fun with it.
    They should do an Alice In Chains cover. Her voice would be much better suited for one of those songs.
    I like how the moron wrote "10 for a penny". There is an expression you could use for that. Dime a dozen.
    I don't think all of them are 8-10 years old, but still great cover, we will be hearing more of these guys/girls
    Dang, she must have some pretty laid back parents. When i was her age id have been sent to counsiling if id been singing those lyrics!
    This is pretty awesome. Too bad they're from ONTERRIBLE. Home of the Toronto make-me-Laffs, Justin Bieber and the Blue GAYS. For those of you who aren't Canadian, hating Toronto, and laughing about their bad sports teams is the #2 national past time behind Hockey.
    It's not bad. Better than I was at that age, that's for sure. But I prefer The Dresden Dolls cover of "War Pigs"