10 Hilarious Rider Requests

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We round up some of the funniest backstage rider requests from major rock and pop artists. "Spoiled? Moi?"


Maybe it's Lars Ulrich's Danish heratige, but there is a very clear and specific request on the Metallica rider. Can you guess what it is?* "BACON VERY IMPORTANT THAT BACON BE AVAILABLE AT EVERY MEAL AND DURING DAY" *Clue: it's bacon.

Motley Crue

Who dares to call rock stars outlandish when they make such simple requests, as exemplified by Motley Crue? Included on their perfectly reasonable list are:
  • A schedule for local Alcoholics' Anonymous meeting
  • A sub-machine gun
  • A 12-foot-long boa constrictor
  • Most importantly, a jar of Grey Poupon mustard. Because between all the drinking and shooting, they're really quite posh.

    Marilyn Manson

    You might be surprised to hear that the man whose looks like a drawing on a tamborine actially loves sweets. But not just any sweets - he prefers Haribo. Don't buy another brand of gummis, because Manson will officialy lose his s--t. Oh, and don't forget the bald-headed, toothless hooker What do you mean your intern can't source hookers? This is the music business!

    Iggy Pop and the Stooges

    Where do we start? The Stooges famously have one of the funniest riders in history, with 18 pages of rambling and internal monologues which might as well win a Pulitzer. Among the wealth of confused equipments demands ("4 or possibly 5 guitar stands. Ooh, I've got to make a decision. Oh alright then, five. Or maybe six or a guitar rack. Yes.") are a request for seven dwarfs to be dress as if they were due to meet Snow White. But ever the gentlemen, the rider states that taller people are acceptable It's attitude, more than height, that's important here.

    Guns N' Roses

    Learn from Axl Rose's ego, because it might earn you an induction to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame too one day. First, he wants hot water and honey. Quite reasonable for a singer, but not when he insists on the "Sue Bee brand only". Tut tut - everyone know pure English honey is the world's finest. And that ain't trollin'. Among his food requests are a rib-eye steak dinner, a large pepperoni pizza, a deli tray with a heavy emphasis on lean roast beef, ham, and turkey and a bottle of Dom Perignon. Hey Axl, treat yourself! This stuff must be easy to source in a venue. His bandmates were less demanding, with simple requests for lots of chips, nuts, exotic fruits, and cheese. But then, for the afterparty, they'll be needing four cases of beer, two fifths of Jack Daniel's, two fifths of Stolichnaya vodka, two bottles of Chardonnay, and a bottle of Jagermeister. And two bottles of carrot juice. And porn. Then cigarettes. Possibly in that order.


    There's no unreasonable food requests from this lot, but their contract requires that all the venue's smoke and fire detectors be switched off due to the band's flair for flares. Might the hoarde of explosions explain their request for an American Sign Language interpreter for the band's deaf fans. Either the explosions are causing the audience some serious hearing problems, or the fans were deaf before the got into Poison anyway. Ahem.

    Paul McCartney

    Mr McCartney loves the planet as much as he loves taking acid. That's why the former Beatle won't ride in a limo with leather seats or stand for leather or animal print furniture in his dressing room. He insists on vegan food too, which is fair enough - but as spotted by the Smoking Gun website, the singer requests 24 bars of Ivory soap which contain trace amounts of animal fats.


    The Brit soul singer insists on two packs of " the best quality European lager beer." Don't accidently slip a Budweiser into that rider - Adele makes it clear that "North American beer is NOT acceptable."

    Boy George

    We all know the Culture Club singer had problems with drugs, but you'd think he's try and keep it under wraps. But no; Boy George asks for nothing less than a "CRACK OIL MACHINE". Let's be honest, we didn't even know they existed. That's because he has the equivalent of a Phd in drugs, and we don't. That's some pro s--t right there.

    Gnarles Barkley

    It's not clear which of the two members of Gnarls Barkley asked for which, but we'd guess that one spends the night with company and the other spends the night alone: "Dressing Room #1: One pack of magnum condoms Dressing Room #2: One pack of men's white athletic socks (at least two pair)" Did we miss any hilarious rider requests? Do you have funny stories from playing gigs and having fun backstage? Share your stories in the comments.
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