10 Most Wanted Rockstar Holograms

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The Tupac hologram at Coachella this year was a remarkable technical achievement. But does it mean we'll see other classic performers come back from the dead to perform live? The makers of the hologram at Musion Technology have already said they'd like to bring back Elvis, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and even Michael Jackson. While we're not completely opposed to the concept, there's something a little uncomfortable about using an artist's image on stage when they can't ever give consent. But that doesn't mean we can't all have fun thinking about which artists we'd like a chance to see live. That's exactly what the readers of Classic Rock did when they voted for which rock legend they'd like to see on stage one more time. So who did they vote for, and do you agree with their choices?

10. Keith Moon

Keith was the banzai beatsmith for The Who, until he overdosed on 32 tablets of clomethiazole mixed with alcohol. Could a hologram possibly recreate his wild performance style? Probably not.

09. Jim Morrison

The Doors frontman joined the so-called "27 Club" when he died from a heroin overdose, but no autopsy was performed to prove it.

08. John Bonham

Even a hologram couldn't drink as much as the legendary Led Zeppelin drummer, but if they can recreate his mighty moustache and mane of hair, we'd love to see Bonham rock out. It's just a shame that it wouldn't techincally his own beats behind the performance.

07. Rory Gallagher

The Irish bandleader was an icon in the 1960s when he led his band Taste. After selling 30 million records worldwide, he received a liver transplant in 1995 but died soon after.

06. Bon Scott

The original AC/DC frontman is regarded as one of the greatest frontman of all time. A night of hard partying in London in 1980 led to his demise, but the band soon released "Back In Black" as a tribute to Scott. It went on to be one of the best selling albums of all time.

05. Gary Moore

Moore played alongside acts including Thin Lizzy, Skid Row and George Harrison while developed a successful solo career. An established session musician, Moore died from a heart attack in his sleep a little over a year ago in February 2011.

04. Phil Lynott

The founding member of Thin Lizzy didn't just write the classic hit "The Boys Are Back In Town". Alongside his music career, which included stints in Grand Slam and Skid Row, he released books of poetry and has been recognised with a brass statue in Dublin, Ireland.

03. Ronnie James Dio

Now this is a great idea for a hologram revival. Dio is one of the most distinctive heavy metal performers of all time thanks to his consistently powerful voice, and is credited with inventing the "metal horn" hand sign. One of his final recordings was a song called "Metal Will Never Die", but sadly he did just that in May 2010.

02. Freddie Mercury

Maybe a hologram is the only way to solve Queen's problem of finding new singers. Last year, Brian May said he wanted Lady Gaga to join the band, but this year they recruited Adam Lambert from American Idol as the frontman for a Sonisphere performance - which was later cancelled. If the hologram makers can pull it off properly, a proper Queen reunion could be a commercial and historic success.

01. Jimi Hendrix

What is left to say about one of the best known guitarists in history? The renown performer has often been cited as a candidate for a hologram revival since the Tupac performance two weeks ago, but there's a problem. Jimi's band was called the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and that experience included Noel Redding on bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums. Call us fussy, but in this case, a hologram might never recreate the real Hendrix experience.
It looks like the Classic Rock readers who voted in this poll have great taste. Who would you like to see revived in digital form - or is the whole concept just as bad for live music as auto-tuning? Let us know in the comments.
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