10 Reasons Why 1989 Was Better Than 2012

artist: Julian Angel date: 08/11/2012 category: wtf?
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10 Reasons Why 1989 Was Better Than 2012
Everything about Beautiful Beast screams 1989. The brainchild of German singer/guitarist Julian Angel, the hair metal project revolves around songs about having nothing but a good time, Aqua Net-approved photo shoots and arena-ready choruses. Angel started Beautiful Beast in 2010 along with fellow musicians Frank McDouglas (bass, keys, backing vocals) and Roland "Ro Lee" Jahoda (drums). Since their 2001 debut album, Adult Oriented Candy, did so well with hair metal, AOR and sleaze-rock enthusiasts throughout the globe, the band decided to get back into the studio to work on California Suntan, their latest record. Beautiful Beast's mastermind listed the top 10 reasons why he thinks 1989 was better than 2012 (via Noisecreep). 01. The Music Hard rock and hair metal sounded a lot better than today's uber-sterilized radio pop-rock. 02. The Recognition In 1989 being a musician was still cool, especially if you had talent unlike today's "everyone's a star" attitude thanks to all the annoying reality shows. 03. The Vibe 1989 was about being cool and having a blast. 2012 is way too melancholic, lacking the fire. 04. The Fashion Looking like a rock star was way cooler than dressing like Forrest Gump. Girls wore mini skirts, not Jack Wolfskin jackets. 05. Music still on MTV As a German it was damn cool watching the U.S. MTV shows until they created a German version and lost all the cool. Today, they lost the music. 06. Vinyl Records Anyone could tell you just bought a record by the shape of your shopping bag. What a good conversation starter. 07. Mixtapes and the Walkman You carefully selected the songs for your trip to school and back. And you enjoyed them full length because fast-forwarding cost too many battery resources. 08. Carelessness The world was an easier place to live in. Besides, as a teenager Daddy used to handle all issues... 09. Girls More pretty girls meant more choice and more dates. 10. No Dancers In 1989 the musicians created all the action without legions of dancers on stage. Thanks for the report to Noisecreep.
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