10 Reasons Why 1989 Was Better Than 2012

Beautiful Beast's mastermind Julian Angel listed the top 10 reasons why he thinks 1989 was better than 2012.

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Everything about Beautiful Beast screams 1989. The brainchild of German singer/guitarist Julian Angel, the hair metal project revolves around songs about having nothing but a good time, Aqua Net-approved photo shoots and arena-ready choruses.

Angel started Beautiful Beast in 2010 along with fellow musicians Frank McDouglas (bass, keys, backing vocals) and Roland "Ro Lee" Jahoda (drums). Since their 2001 debut album, Adult Oriented Candy, did so well with hair metal, AOR and sleaze-rock enthusiasts throughout the globe, the band decided to get back into the studio to work on California Suntan, their latest record.

Beautiful Beast's mastermind listed the top 10 reasons why he thinks 1989 was better than 2012 (via Noisecreep).

01. The Music Hard rock and hair metal sounded a lot better than today's uber-sterilized radio pop-rock.

02. The Recognition In 1989 being a musician was still cool, especially if you had talent unlike today's "everyone's a star" attitude thanks to all the annoying reality shows.

03. The Vibe 1989 was about being cool and having a blast. 2012 is way too melancholic, lacking the fire.

04. The Fashion Looking like a rock star was way cooler than dressing like Forrest Gump. Girls wore mini skirts, not Jack Wolfskin jackets.

05. Music still on MTV As a German it was damn cool watching the U.S. MTV shows until they created a German version and lost all the cool. Today, they lost the music.

06. Vinyl Records Anyone could tell you just bought a record by the shape of your shopping bag. What a good conversation starter.

07. Mixtapes and the Walkman You carefully selected the songs for your trip to school and back. And you enjoyed them full length because fast-forwarding cost too many battery resources.

08. Carelessness The world was an easier place to live in. Besides, as a teenager Daddy used to handle all issues...

09. Girls More pretty girls meant more choice and more dates.

10. No Dancers In 1989 the musicians created all the action without legions of dancers on stage.

Thanks for the report to Noisecreep.

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    You missed the cocaine man, that MADE the 80s
    I get a feeling that no matter when I was born, if the internet had existed I'd still hate everyone.
    Root Beer
    Cool story. Now for the top 10 reasons the 90's was better than the 80's: 1.Death of hair metal 2.Death of hair metal 3.Slight rebirth of prog rock 4.Death of hair metal 5.Music with actual emotion behind it 6.Death of hair metal 7.Death of hair metal 8.Birth of grunge 9.Death of hair metal 10.Death of hair metal
    rebirth of prog indeed. the 90's are when dream theater came in!!!! And Symphony x, and fates warning, and Aryeon, etc....
    Best comment so far. +1 Hair metal was such an embarrassment, sorta like this article.
    Grunge had been going for a while during the 80s. The 90s was just when the media caught onto Nirvana's dumbed-down version of it, and big record labels started over-hyping Nirvana and pumping out crappy Grunge clones. Fuck the 90s. The 90s was when Pantera decided that Metal needed to be more mindlessly violent, generic, and for Rednecks, and were suddenly the mainstream-acclaimed saviours of Metal, despite it being completely alive and well with Death Metal, Black Metal, and Doom Metal.
    What the **** is this shit for? Why don't you produce some constructive news articles instead of this biased, nostalgic crap that has the same level of journalism as a teen pop magazine article.
    I wish people would stop whining about why the past was apparently so much better. No matter what anyone bitches about, or how much they complain about the music industry today - it will NEVER be like it was years ago.
    Not that I am saying this post is whiney. I just read a lot of stuff similar to this that is, and it's just tiresome most of the time.
    11. Metal was still relevant
    Testament, Kreator, Overkill, Cloudkicker, The Contortionist, Blut Aus Nord, Ihsahn, Agalloch, Unleashed, Cannibal Corpse, Spawn of Possession have all released killer albums and we're only halfway through 2012.
    2012 > 1989 1. THE INTERNET Think of all the internet music and people that you wouldn't have heard otherwise. Think of all the songs you've illegally downloaded. Hell, think of all the songs you wouldn't have learnt. 2. mp3 players Gigabytes and gigabytes of songs. Take your entire library of music with you. Casettes break and vinyls aren't exactly portable. 3. Recognition With the advent of technology, bands relied less and less on labels and thus results in more music. 4. Cute indie girls I'd rather date one of these than a brainless blonde piece of meat. 5. Carelessness The youth are allowed much more responsibility and independence these days. With the cellphone came a reliable line of communication with everyone. 6. Youtube **** MTV 7. The vibe being yourself, being pissed off or sad or however emotional you are > being cool 8. Music Advances in technology and musical experimentation have led to entirely new genres of music. You can still get hair metal (and better produced), but you can also get djent, dubstep, indie-folk, post rock etc. anything you can think of. And if it doesn't exist, hell you can start a band and make it. 9. The Fashion ...80s fashion? really? The 2000's are far and away the best time for music ever.
    100% agree, man. People need to learn to move on and that the "good ol' days" are shit and are only "good" because they were kids and had no responsibilities.
    skild sic
    i love the one bout youtube lol....thas my personal favorite and i can personally vouch for the recognition part i dont have a mixer or fancy lessons from an expensive college i have three guitars an amp my computer my effects pedal a mic n a chord that acts as an interface recordable device...i record music all the time n post my videos on youtube in the past you would have to make a half decent copy of your music and hope that after 100 hours of listening to the radio watitin to see if they ever play your song i love the time we are in now metal gets more recognition than people realize otherwise small record labels and big alike wouldnt be doin as well as they are
    Go Fuck Yourself, Metal music is doing just as fine. Fuck Glam.
    But Glam doesn't have to compete with Metal. They can both exist for their own fans. Music is not a competition. That said, emo music can **** off.
    Why are you complaining about emo when it hasn't been relevant as a genre in years?
    Jackie Lawless
    youve apparently never been to warped. its ruined because that shit and 'metalcore' is still around.
    Except for the fact that, when people complain about Glam "Metal", they're usually talking about the shitty trend that was started by MTV, where they got a bunch of crappy Pop Rock bands to completely bastardized the Glam and Shock Rock genres. You're right, it doesn't have to compete with Metal. But that doesn't make it any less of a commercialized trend full of mass-produced, pre-packaged bands that had little use outside making record companies lots of money by playing an accessible version of a once legitimate genre of music. Glam "Metal" is to Glam Rock, as 2000s emo music is to legitimate Emotional Hardcore.
    unfortunately for your point...glam "metal", glam rock, emo, and "legitimate emotional hardcore ALL suck the big one..
    ****ing thank you. Im so sick of people saying that there isnt good music anymore or that rock and metal are dead. Just because its not in your face and all over tv and the radio does not mean that its dead or not doing well. Metal is alive and kicking and will never die. Success is subjective. What one considers to be a success is what defines success for them.
    If you think rock or metal is just as successful as it was in the days of Metallica Black Album, G'N'R, or in the cusp of Nirvana and Pearl Jam, then you are just delusional. If the record companies or market is not pushing it financially then new groups have a much slimmer chance if making it. Simple math, black and white.
    You're delusional. Things change, but that doesn't mean Metal or Rock are less successful. Look beyond the media glamour, and you'll see.
    It's not about media, It's about empirical data. When was the last time a rock album hit #1 on the billboard charts. And how is rock music earning much less than other genres of music?
    link no1
    Simple. Most of the fans download the albums. Wow, I amaze myself.
    And only rock fans download albums? No one downloads any other type of music except for rock?
    no, but no one downloads quite as much as rock fans and metalheads, cause we're all rebellious like that... and ****ing broke
    Purplexing, Wrecking Ball from Bruce Springsteen was #1 in March this year. Jack White had a #1 album with Blunderbuss. Born and Raised, John Mayer's album. There have been plenty of #1 rock albums. Maybe not as much as pop, but pop has always been ahead of rock and metal.
    I agree with the fact that pop has always been more popular than rock and metal, but my argument is that rock music is less successful now than it was in 89. While Mayer and White have had success, it pales in comparison to the vast number of rock bands that had #1 hits in the 80's and 90's. And I'm talking about contemporary rock, so Springsteen doesn't really count.
    What?? Dude, one word: SALES. Metal and Rock are very clearly less successful than in 1989. Lollapalooza has been getting more and more electronic & dance music every freaking year I know first hand (there's a stage dedicated to it and we had headlining dance artists this year). Sadly rock has become more of a side-genre of music no longer pushing the industry. The same thing happened to jazz and R&B music. It happens.
    If you think the Black Album, G'N'R, and Nirvana are somehow high points in Rock and Metal history, you're about as delusional as the rest of 'em.