10 Things Mick Jagger Has Learned

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10 Things Mick Jagger Has Learned
Mick Jagger has been through every facet of the music business in his 50 year career with The Rolling Stones. Now he's shared the top 10 things he's learned in rock n' roll, and there's plenty all of us can pick up on. You can see the full list below (via ClassicRock). Meanwhile, the band kicked off the US leg of their 50th anniversary tour on Saturday as previously reported. Fans have been given the chance to pick a song for the setlist of their final anniversary show in New Jersey at the weekend. It'll be broadcast live on a pay-per-view basis, and you can vote from a choice of 12 songs via their mobile app. Here's Mick Jagger's top 10 lessons from rock n' roll: 10. Nobody wants to hear anything from your new album. 9. Never take relationship advice from Phil Spector. 8. Before shouting, "Hi, Seattle!" make sure you're in Seattle. 7. You don't earn a cent when someone does a song about "having moves like Jagger." 6. Everybody you meet after you become famous is only interested in you as a person. 5. Song royalties are great, but even they can't match the guaranteed cash flow from a reverse mortgage. 4. A good way to keep yourself entertained it to sign every tenth autograph "Doris Goldblatt." 3. Be considerate of other hotel guests trash your room by 10pm. 2. You can't always get what you want like a good joke on the top-ten list. 1. You start out playing rock'n'roll so you can have sex and do drugs... but you end up doing drugs so you can still play rock'n'roll and have sex. -- Got your own rock lessons to share? Let's have some fun sharing them in the comments.
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