14-Year-Old Girl Flawlessly Shreds Yngwie Malmsteen's 'Arpeggios From Hell'

Tina S delivers note-perfect rendition of trackю

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Impressive video has been posted on line of a 14-year-old girl performing a rendition of Yngwie Malmsteen's "Arpeggios From Hell."

The note-perfect cover was performed by Tina S, whose YouTube channel also features blistering renditions of tracks by such guitar virtuosos as Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai and John Petrucci. Check her out here.

So, Tina S' video has got us thinking: what are the best guitar cover versions that you guys have ever seen on YouTube? Are there any unsung virtuosos out there in internet land who are dying for our collective attention? Why not post your favorite YouTube guitar performances in the comments below.

If we get enough responses, maybe we'll even make one of those list-article things that all the kids seem to be down with these days...

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    LOVE the way she looks like she's deciding what to have for lunch or something whilst playing that. Legend.
    Hey baby, I play guitar, wanna come over and watch me play to Smoke on the water?
    Really wish they didn't put the 'girl' there. If it was a boy it would just say '14 year old'. Anyway's, good job, my envy level is rising.
    Really? What's wrong with the title? Isn't she a girl? Why do you people find problems where there are none? This girl rocks! end of the story!
    link no1
    The problem is that it seems to be extra special or more important because of the gender rather than the talent. Nobody is saying she is bad, just that judgement on her skill shouldn't be made because she is a she.
    I agree it's not necessary to point out she's a girl, but you guys are taking this too far. It's not sexist, it's just extremely rare to see females this technically proficient at guitars. That doesn't mean they aren't out there, it means we aren't being exposed to them. Make a list of the 25 (even 50) greatest guitar players of all time. Is there a girl on your list?
    Side note: Whether it's a boy or girl, that 14 year old can shred better than any of us on here
    Mind Kill
    She is a girl, but does it matter? Why would you need to point that out?
    Oh, maybe they shouldn't point that she's 14-years-old? She is, but does it matter?Who cares what age she is? Who cares what age someone is? If they're a fantastic guitarist, it's all that matters. Maybe they shouldn't point out that she's human? Who cares what race she is: a Vulcanian, Turian, Salarian, Martian, or Asari? Who cares what race someone is? If they're a fantastic guitarist, it's all that matters.
    Agreed. Who cares what gender (or race, while I'm at it) someone is? If they're a fantastic guitarist, it's all that matters.
    I HATE HER!!! What the Hell is wrong with kids this days?? Daaaaamn she's good!!!
    i sorta understand what people say when they mean playing without soul 10,000 odd notes and not one of them means a thing she looks like she doesn't even care.
    Thank you mate! That's exactly what I was thinking! No doubt she's talented and can play far better than anyone in here but this is so emotionless it makes me go "meeeeh".....!
    You underestimate UG peeps abilities, (not mine) go into the forums and you will easily find some very talented UGers in covers and originals. There are a few songs I regularly go back for to enjoyment.
    Not a fan of Yngwie or anything he does (I actually despise him), but I won't deny she's definatly got absolutely insane talent - With that said, I don't see the big news in this. Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes looking at metal covers on Youtube will know that there are hundreds if not thousands of facemelting shredding-videos by people under 16 years of age from both genders. Chances are that somewhere there is someone even better than her, and that one is trumphed by a third person. This actully bothers me. So many guitarists today seem ALL to focused on being able to set fire to the fretboard with their fingers, but they can't write anything on their own that actually is worth listning to. People like her have sacraficed songwriting completely to pursue technical mastery, and just like with Yngwie, it means that when they write original compositions, it's just the same thing - One long blaring flurry of notes and techniques that are impressive at first, but become redudant and boring after a few minutes. There is nothing wrong with being very technically skilled, but if you can't put it too any proper use in a song other than a showcase of the skills itself, you're perhaps a good guitarist, but you're not a good musician in my book. /rant
    completely agreed, technique is like steel and concrete, which keeps buildings up, but you need to paint the walls or something to make it nice, which is where creative flair comes in. I admire guitarists such as john frusciante more than for example steve vai, because they make music
    I think Steve Vai is a bad example - the dude oozes creative flair. He doesn't just shred, he's always doing something unique and you know it's Vai when you hear it.
    Totally agree, although Malmsteen in his youth had some decent songwriting chops. His first solo album is pretty fantastic for a shred fest. Songs like Black Star and Icarus Dream Suite are actually good songs.
    One of my favorite covers on youtube, maybe better than the original:
    Cue uncontrollable laughter. This is my new favorite video to watch stoned.
    This kid gives her a run for her money...
    holy.... Paul Gilbert is one of the most talented and technically proficient players ever and this kid managed to nail one of his best tunes at such a young age. crazy shit.
    To be an appropriate cover she needs to be wearing an excessive amount of gold chains and a leather jacket with a beer gut hanging out. Also, dress like it's the 18th century.
    Sure she's amazing and all, but it's still pretty sad that she only gets that attention for the single reason that she's a girl.
    There's this norwegian guy who goes by the name of Ondskapenshersker. Now there are some high quality -covers!
    Stop trying to out-do this girl by finding other clips on YouTube. She's ****ing amazing, and is going to stay that way.
    My question here: when was her birthday?She's been 14 for a while now. And at this rate, who's willing to bet her next cover will be either Speed Kills or Perpetual Burn? The YouTube user Screwnailful does FLAWLESS covers of Yngwie. Really flawless
    Booooriing. Nothing cool. There's about 10.000 Asians with a 'talent' like that.
    This is where music turns into a trick. Can't really appreciate this.
    If I ever brought this girl home and played her a song and she said "I can play as well" and then did this, I would actually find anything resembling a ring and propose right there and then.
    Don't like Sport-Guitarists at all. No emotion, just 53849 notes in 10 seconds. Props to that girl, nevertheless.
    Not only a spot-on take, but even the tone, pick attack and vibrato sound like Yngwie, maybe with a bit less of the dirtier vocal quality his lines have, but my lord. This is a kid who works hard.
    there's this guy on youtube, finowa. he's nuts and does exceptional guitar, vocal and drum covers
    THere are people who have played for 14 years who cannot touch this. Wow, you sure this isn't fake? haha
    She plays without looking at the fretboard!!! what the hell. She looks so relaxed and all in control. Extremely impressive.
    Why none of this "super awesome guitarrists" appear to become famous??
    Because, as the user above you very well explained, most of these super awesome guitarists might have an incredible technique, which is impressive, but can't do anything interesting with it. To put it simple, in my book it doesn't matter if someone can play all scales and modes at 300 bpm or perform perfect covers of Malmsteen or Batio songs, if they can't write or play anything interesting by themselves, which in 99% of the cases they can't. (By the way, Yngwie is still awesome because of his early work. By today's standards he might be very repetitive, but he was the first to actually write and play the stuff all of these "robot guitarists" copy nowadays)