20 Geeky Facts About Dave Grohl

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20 Geeky Facts About Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl has just had one of the best years of his career with Foo Fighters after releasing the award-winning "Wasting Light". But there's more to this frontman than meets the eye. Learn 20 geeky facts about Dave Grohl right here, courtesy of NME. 1. He has a special party trick: "I can speak with a whistle. It's hard to explain, but I can speak without using my voice. I can speak while whistling. I've never seen anyone else do it." 2. He still can't listen to Nirvana because it reminds him of the death of his friend, Kurt Cobain: "I immediately remember what it was like the day we recorded - the food or the f--king snowstorm. It's like opening a box of old pictures and I don't like to do that too often." 3. Japanese porn freaks him out: "It's creepy because it doesn't look like anyone is enjoying what they're doing," he said. "They make it seem like crime, and I'm not into that." 4. Aged 10, he stole green apple-flavor chewing tobacco. It made him so sick, he never touched it again. 5. He has enough Grammys to use one as a door stop: "For the longest time I used a Grammy to hold my bedroom door open because it never would stay open. And now I have them on a shelf." 6. He's scared of tiny dinosaurs: "I took a couple of hits of acid on a boat from England to Belgium once, and I wound up running in circles for three hours, hallucinating that tiny dinosaurs were chewing everybody's ankles. That was f--ked up. I didn't come down for 12 hours." 7. He was awarded a key to his hometown of Warren, Ohio, which also named 'Dave Grohl Alley' after him. 8. He was banned from driving in Australia after being caught drunk on a scooter in 2000. 9. He once served as a climate change ambassador alongside Sienna Miller, Heather Graham, Josh Hartnett, Brandon Flowers and Johnny Borrell. 10. His favorite drummer joke is "How can you tell a drummer's at the door? He doesn't know when to come in." 11. He has plenty of weird fans: "Just the other day someone threw a bra duct-taped to a tennis ball. I just stood there, playing guitar, thinking how this was totally premeditated. Some girl sat around inventing a way to get her bra onstage from 40 rows back." 12. He says the worst job he ever had was at Tower Records in Washington DC. 13. He secretly loves the Spice Girls: "'Two Become One' by the Spice Girls. I couldn't get this song out of my head. It's not even a dance song - it's this slow-jam pop-ballad sh-t. Lord, I just love it and I don't know what to do." 14. He once dreamed of being a helicopter pilot when he was a kid: "I'd take the storm windows off of our house and set them up in this little cage thing around me and sit and pretend I was in a helicopter." 15. He's a huge fan of asparagus: "You'll know your asparagus is ready when you pick it up and it looks like a limp penis." 16. He also loves Cheese - unless it's from a goat, which reminds him of "sucking from a goat's tit." But cow cheese is fine: "With those big supple handlebar nipples, I'll suck the hell out of those." 17. He thinks he'll go to hell: "I'd like to imagine I won't end up in Hell, but I think I've done too much acid and listened to too much death metal to sit on a cloud next to God with angels floating above my head." 18. He's shy of his large nostrils. "I'd get my nostrils tightened, because they are a little large. I've had a complex about them since I was 12, and Bobby St Francis, my sister's friend, said he could see my brain through my nostrils." 19. "Wasting Light" was inspired by ABBA and the Bee Gees: "I like loads of crazy-a-s, dissonant, distorted rock 'n' roll, but I also love bands whose pop choruses get bigger and bigger." 20. He once had a murderous stalker: "Six months ago there was some lunatic who wanted to fly out to LA with a knife. She had a map of my house and said she was going to kill me, then herself. The FBI locked her up. I was like, 'What? I didn't f--k her, did I?'" Do you know any other quirky facts about Dave Grohl? Share them in the comments if you do, or discuss your favorites.
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