7-Year-Old Slays at 'Stairway to Heaven'

For once, one of these young musicians seriously kicks a-s at playing rock music in this newly discovered clip. But who is it, and where are they now?

Ultimate Guitar

If there's one thing that makes many amateur guitarists sick to the bone, it's seeing a seven-year-old kid playing damn-near as good at them on a guitar.

Okay, so this seven-year-old prodigy might not beat Jimmy Page in a guitar shootout, but he'd certainly make the old rocker proud. Watch the clip below to see him in action - you might be surprised.

The stranger thing is that no-one knows who this kid is. The video was originally uploaded in 2007, and the original uploader doesn't mention where they found it. By now the young player will be aged around 13, and probably slaying at Battle of the Band contests at high school by now. If anyone has a lead on who it is, be sure to let us at Ultimate Guitar know.

It's not the first time a young musician has made it to the pages of Ultimate Guitar. We've seen youngsters taking on punk rock songs and black metal, but never has someone so young demonstrated so much genuine talent. Rock on!

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    My Last Words
    I don't deserve to have a left hand after seeing that... *chainsaw-noises*
    Yeah but Stairway To Heaven video was uploaded in 2007, it was probably a bigger sensation back then. Just shows how insane guitar kids got lol
    I think it just shows that people are putting a lot of money into having their kids work for them sooner than later.
    can he play a soulful blues?
    My Last Words
    Guthrie himself on the whole speed vs feel/blues/vibrato/bends/whatever works for you debate: "From my own “guitar player” perspective, I suppose the most important thing I gleaned from Shawn’s playing was a kind of confirmation that it’s okay to play a million notes if you really mean them, and if you have a musical statement to make which actually requires a million notes." The lord has spoken.
    At least some of us can maybe feel a tiny bit better since he makes the odd mistake, I'd settle for being able to play it half as well as him
    Great, another 7 year old that makes me look and feel like a talentless sack of shit.
    Guitar isn't a competition, it's an expression... I've never been big on covers.. Anyone can stare at a TAB for weeks to perfect a song. Writing originals is the real art...
    You're spot on, dude! Talent is far from the most important thing for a musician to have.
    "but never has someone so young demonstrated so much genuine talent" The you clearly have'nt looked, there are japanese guitar players at age 4-6 who can play way more difficult things that that!
    I wouldn't be one bit surprised if he's a member of this community and sees himself on here.
    The kid is great but where's the talent in playing someone else's solo? I expected some sort of improvisation or something, this didn't surprise me at all or anything.
    Agreed, being able to cover a song doesn't make you any kind of prodigy. Still, he plays very well
    Agent 00Awesome
    Can slays please be the new slam?
    People shouldn't be bothered by how good these kids are, they should be glad to see they listen to Led Zeppelin & Guthrie Govan, I started playing guitar when I was 20 and been going for about 5 years now, playing an instrument is something you do for yourself, and you should set your own goals and forget about what other people are doing, the important thing is to commit to it everyday and do the best you can, but we all know that. I get FAR more annoyed, even a little too angry, when people say to me they want to learn an instrument but give up on the idea almost immediately because they think they're too old. I just want to shake them furiously until they realise what they are missing out on, but then they just go about there usual ways, wondering if there is more to life, never to know if they could be more than they are...very sad.
    I am getting really tired of these kids covring a song, and that people making big deal out of it. It's a human kid not a monkey, people should really stop looking down on kids
    not bad for a 7 year old, but compared to many of other covers on yt i dont get why this gets put on here. choice of frets is weird as well, playing up and down the fretboard seems very uncomfortable
    That kid playing Guthrie. Time for me to go start learning the Koto. As I clearly have no hope in hell of matching that.
    Seems to me his parents put him on music lessons when he was like 2, 3 maybe. How else is this kid gonna get so good at such a young age ? Just like Mozart.
    He did a great job. Played some of the parts in strange positions but that's just because I play them somewhere else.. he hit the notes, doesn't matter where. Well played, my (little) man!
    it good, but is it such a difficult thing playing this solo? I mean technically,... i think this solo is 100% feeling and he played it quite good but its not what it should be sorry but i am not on that "okay he is just 7 so its okay even if its not" - train