7 Rock Star Lookalikes

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7 Rock Star Lookalikes
Rockstars are a unique breed, but sometimes other folk have the good fortune to share a few similar genes to our rock gods.

Our friends at Ultimate Classic Rock scanned the internet for rock star lookalikes, and some were uncanny (and other were just hilarious). In this gallery we round up our favorites.

Can you think of any rock star lookalikes? Share a link in the comments and we'll check them out.

Take a look at our gallery of some of the best rockstar doppelgängers.

Russel Crowe and Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder

The faces don't quite match, but the beard and mane are the same. Also, Vedder would make for a better Gladiator any day.

Andre 3000 and Jimi Hendrix

The rap star is playing the role of Hendrix in a new movie. Strangely, the movie producers didn't seek permission from the Hendrix family to use his music, but to avoid paying all those expensive licenses they're just re-recording all the tracks from fresh. Unbelievable! A Hendrix movie without his original music!

Harry Styles and Mick Jagger

It's a little scary how similar these two are. Of course, the One Direction singer will never ooze coo like the Rolling Stones frontman, but they certainly share a similar mop.

Kirk Hammet and Sky Blu

I've never heard of Sky Blue, but apparently he's part of some annoying dance act called LMFAO. Heard of them? Anyway, he might have a few more wires of facial hair than Hammet, but he'll never rock as hard.

Sammy Hagar and Chef Guy Fieri

These dudes are actually good friends, and often get mistaken for each other. When they're not off doing their jobs, they're probably hanging out in the back of a bar dipping their heads in bleach or something just as crazy.

Gene Simmons and Gaddafi

Alright, this is too funny. Gene Simmons really does look like the late dictator, even if the latter's face always looked like it was about to fall off.

Keith Richards and King Tut's Grandma

Richards has looked two steps from death for the better part of a decade now, but he's still hanging on in there - even if his face looks like a raisin.

Can you think of any other rock star lookalikes? Share a link in the comments and we'll check them out.

Thanks to Ultimate Classic Rock for the gallery.
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