A7X Pull Fan Onstage for Guest Appearance During Concert, Fan Masterfully Shreds the Song

Kid nails it, check out the video inside.

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Avenged Sevenfold recently gave their fan Steve Blackman a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get onstage with the band and perform one of their classic tracks in front of thousands of screaming fans.

The show took place at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania last Thursday (May 8). Steve performed "Unholy Confessions" with the guys, delivering an awesome performance.

The fan's guest appearance was luckily filmed and posted online, proving once again that many guitar-driven aficionados have had their guitar chops perfected to a master level. Make sure to check out the video below.

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    Not a fan of Avenged Sevenfold by any stretch but, how many other major bands do this stuff?? I can't think of any off hand. Cool to see a band making a fans dream come true!
    Green Day have always done this kind of thing, they've even had a whole band of fans up at times. Props to both them and A7X, can't imagine how amazing a feeling it must be.
    Yes they did , even some of the guys that went on stage were given a guitar , i don't like there music but kudos to them .
    When I saw them on the American Idiot tour they brought up three or four fans to play I think Longview? I don't remember. They gave one kid a guitar after though, pretty rad.
    Linkin Park did it several times on 'Faint.' The latest time was in 2010 (as I know), that time they brought not one, but two fans, who played both guitars and even the outro.
    Zappa Plays Zappa brings up the whole crowd! Well, at least a bunch of them... haha
    I was at an Alter Bridge sound check and Myles Kennedy was absent. Tremonti called up a kid from the crowd to join the rest of them and the kid picked the song, sang and played one of their guitars, too.
    Van Guff
    I think Machine Head did it on the locust tour run, getting a fan to play aesthetics of hate. It's such a good idea, but only when it goes right!
    Green Day did it at a show I was at like 10 years ago ? But they also let the drummer and bass be taken over by some kid. Way to cool.
    They let somebody else play and sing Basket Case at a 2009 show I was at, pretty sure they do it all the time
    Mr. Baloonhands
    Dropkick Murphy damn near had the entire front row come on stage with the band for like 3 songs last time i saw them. some wasted guy even grabbed one of the mic's and started singing to the whole crowd along with the band as well. It was awesome!
    I sung onstage with dropkick Murphy's during a cover of dirty deeds done dirt cheap
    Paramore usually bring fans up to sing the bridge of Misery Business, and I know they've brought people up to play the solo.
    A7X are talented guys and seem pretty cool for the most part, it's a shame they get so much flack here.
    I agree, but they are kind of douchey, and their music has certainly gone downhill after the first couple albums.
    Music going downhill, I can agree to... but these guys aren't douchey. The slanted text interview excerpts posted on this site do not do them justice, because for a band that sells out arenas, they're incredibly down to earth and appreciative of their fans.
    Well, unfortunately, most of what I know about them is from this site lol I suppose that's my fault.
    This site slaughters their reputation to generate article views and comments hahaha
    Say what you like about A7X, but that guy clearly loves them and they let him do this. This moment will probably be his proudest for decades (and he deserves it too, he f***ing rocked the song). That's why they're a cool band. They aren't quite the legends they want to be - yet - but they're going the right way about it.
    A7X used to do this quite a bit some years ago, good to see that they're still doing awesome stuff for their fans.
    Respect to A7x and the fan for playing it all. It's pretty cool. And I can't even stand the band
    This guy probably got so much teen rock chick tail afterwards haha
    I don't give a shit what you guys say, this was a pretty cool thing for the A7x guys to do. Even if this is literally the easiest song known to man.
    It's literally not.
    NO it really is haha. Either way I think it was really cool/nice thing to do. And its a good song easy or not! (coming from a non A7x fan too...)
    I agree that it's a really cool thing to do, just saying there's probably easier songs out there. I guess hyperbole wins today...
    link no1
    It's not one of the easiest songs ever BUT, it is easily one of the easiest A7X songs to play. The only issue here being the, as always, misleading title. I thought he was actually going to 'shred'.
    Still, got to respect him. It's no easy task to go on stage for what may be the first and/or last time in his life and not miss a beat. Plus, since A7X is probably his favourite band, he must have been stressed out of his mind but he still played pretty well. And it's not like he was just striking a few chords either...
    Yeah, they did that a lot on the last tour before going into the studio for Hail to the King. I remember watching a guy do it in Duluth, MN and was nervous just watching him!
    this is DEF. not the easiest song known to man what's wrong with you, but for 'lead', yea this is prety easy. Still wicked to do this! What a dream come true.
    Easy in the Avenged Sevenfold catalog, since the leads are pretty minimal and the time signatures are pretty straight ahead... but still. Getting onstage and playing it seamlessly in front of an arena takes a lot of guts. I get nervous before playing in small rooms of 100 people, let alone this!
    Thanks Tom. Even though I may be biased (Steve is my son), he's NEVER played live before... I think I was more nervous than he was!
    Well he did an awesome job up there! Played with confidence and looked like a pro!
    may have already been posted, but not the first time they pulled this kind of awesomeness.
    That's cool as ****, not even a fan of Avenged but for them to give a fan a once in a lifetime opportunity like that is so ****ing badass!
    I'm not mad or anything, but A7X does this every so often. Why is this only now becoming news here?
    Woohoo! My YouTube video of another band playing made it to the front page of Ultimate-Guitar. I can finally tell my mom that I've made it
    Keith Moon (RIP) passing out and a replacement drummer is called to the stage. In comes Scott Halpin.
    I saw Green Day do this at a show once, but for every instrument, while it is interesting, I still kind of feel like they are planted there, there's so many ways it can possibly go wrong, and I didn't really pay money to see that.
    If you were that lucky fan, would you say "no, I didn't pay money to go up onstage and play with you guys"?
    Honestly, when Matt said that Syn Gates would not be playing guitar for the song, there were a lot of shrugs in my section AT FIRST... but once the kid came out and the song started, everybody was totally on board and excited, especially since he was dead on! But I can totally imagine being disappointed if, like, Green Day brought up a bunch of kids to play the song you've been waiting all night for and they botched it haha
    NICE!! I got to play a song with Robert Randolph & The Family Band at one of their shows this winter, it was seriously one of the coolest moments of my life. This is just an awesome thing for bands to do.
    The moment A7X switched from metalcore to hardrock is the moment they got respect. I'd suggest other bands to do this.
    awkward moment when a fan has more talent than the band
    Not to be a dick, but I caught a few mistakes. Still way to go Avenged Sevenfold, \m/
    I have lost a great amount of respect I used to have for these guys (due to their latest album sounding an awful lot like a certain 1991's album), but this is pretty cool on their part.
    Lee Makky
    Are you really still holding on to the whole Black album thing? Because most people are over that
    Why shouldn't I? It does say a lot about them, and about what drives them. One of the things it says, is that their music is partly crafted based on what sells, rather than what comes from the heart.
    Maybe I like the "music that sells" more than the "music from the heart." In fact more people like the music that sells rather than from the heart. That's why it sells.
    Didn't Metallica write the Black album to be nothing but songs from the heart? Weren't they writing that album for themselves, not to prove they had songwriting capability?
    I was pretty sure that the band said they wanted to show who influenced them musically on that album... Kind of like a tribute... Which would mean writing songs like their favorite bands. You know... To show that they like them. Just saying..
    So by that logic, in order to sell albums in 2013/2014, they copied an album from 1991? OK.
    Yes, an album that ranks among the highest selling albums of all time (at approximately 30 million sales).
    It's just an album... Their last three are probably my least favorites of their entire catalog, but I still respect them.
    Not to down-play the band or this guy by any means (simply handling the pressure is impressive) But unholy confessions is a ridiculously simple song, and to refer to someone as "Shredding" to it is a gross overstatement. That said I would crack skulls to get on stage with one of my fav bands
    THIS, my friends, is the true Steve Blackman. Although that guy is ****ing cool too.
    Well shit. That teaches me not to post while Im drunk. Sorry guys. Was talking about the wrestler.