A7X's 'The Rev' Temporarily Declared Immortal on Wikipedia

Drummer listed as playing with the band for infinity.

Ultimate Guitar

As Loudwire is reporting, Wikipedia has declared that late Avenged Sevenfold drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan is actually immortal. For several hours on June 26th, the musician's Wikipedia page was changed to read "James Owen Sullivan (February 9, 1981 - ∞)," showing the symbol for infinity as his date of death.

His Wiki page also showed his music career as lasting from "1998-∞." ∞ is the symbol for infinity. As Loudwire states, while Avenged Sevenfold fans proudly claim that The Rev will never die, for a while, that notion was listed as fact.  

It was recently reported that the upcoming Avenged Sevenfold mobile game, "Hail to the King: Deathbat" will allow fans to play as The Rev. As front man M. Shadows notes, all the band members are featured, with their avatars having unique abilities:

"Well, for instance, Arin [Ilejay, drums] really wanted a blade in each hand with a boomerang effect so that they would come back to him. We couldn't do that, so we compromised and gave him a double-sided sword. Zacky [Vengeance, guitar] wanted a baseball bat - he throws rocks at people, and mashes them with a bat. Synyster Gates [guitar] has a little demon that runs around with him - and when you use his magic powers, you hear one of his dive-bombs, which he recorded specially for it. Johnny [Christ, bass] has the 'Hell Sword,' which rains blood on people, and I have 'Shadows Sight,' which is like a black plume of smoke that you inhale in your lungs. We all did stupid voiceovers for it when we were a little inebriated. [Laughs] Also, with the blessing of his parents, we put The Rev in the game. Once you unlock his character, you can use him as your comrade to help you through the levels."

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    Wow. Someone changed something on a wikipedia article.
    they did have to learn how to type infinity symbols. that would have taken 30 seconds longer than the guy that changed james hetfield's occupation to table
    I'm gonna now go and vandalize another article related to Metal just so they post it here> And if they don't then we know that UG isn't doing a good reporting job.
    BREAKING NEWS ON UG You can edit Wikipedia articles (with get this) FALSE INFORMATION!!!! Oh and in case you forgot "∞ is the symbol for infinity"
    Yes ultimate-guitar it's Wikipedia. This tends to happen from time to time with several articles. Not really a big deal.
    Oh so you got this from wikipedia? You must think it's accurate and news worthy!
    The News on UG degenerates like every Season of Spongebob or The Simpsons
    In other news, M. Shadows ate lunch today. Synyster Gates enjoys a beverage as well.
    Overrated drummer, imo.
    I'm no drummer and i don't know if it's hard to play, but 2:50 always let me freak the f-ck out! \m/>.<\m/
    Time for my outing: Their last record was pretty much shit, apart from that i love this band. Nobody cares? So what?
    not overrated, it's called, "get's more credit than is due, because they died before thirty" not to mention A7X's fanbase, just look at Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence's Instagram, and all the mentally insane teenage girls that talk to him on it like he's still alive.
    Reminds me off the time someone changed synester gates, s wiki page proclaiming he was the best guitarist ever.