A Perfect Circle Guitarist: 'I'd Like to Get a New Record Underway, but Maynard's in Full Tool Mode'

"I've given him some songs that maybe he's going to look at," says Billy Howerdel.

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A Perfect Circle co-founder Billy Howerdel recently discussed future recording plans, expressing both hope and uncertainty due to singer Maynard James Keenan's work with Tool. Asked on the given matter by Rolling Stone, the guitarist commented: "I hope to, but I know Maynard is in full Tool mode right now. They're writing a new record, and I have given him some songs that maybe he's going to look at, but I don't know how he does with juggling those things at the same time. I'd like to get an APC record underway. But I don't know - I'm just leaving it up to him and what his schedule allows. I'll be there when he's available." Tool have recently posted an update regarding the new album, confirming "a lot of progress," particularly on the so-called "epic" piece they've been working on for a while now. However, the exact date of studio entrance and therefore album release yet remains unknown. But back to A Perfect Circle, Howerdel also talked about the band's new track "By and Down," which will be included on their upcoming box set "Three Sixty." The guitarist noted that the recording process turned out more difficult than expected, since the band had already played the tune live in 2011. "I thought you'd just throw it down, but studio recordings are just a different thing than live," he explained. "It's a different thing than rehearsal - especially for a band like this, where there are layers and textures involved. So that was a little more challenging than I thought." Finally, Billy discussed the lineup of new Ashes Divide album, revealing it will certainly consist of drummer Jeff Friedl, bassist Matt McJunkins, as well as a few other musicians that he'll figure out along the way. The latest APC studio effort, "Emotive," saw its release in November 2004 via Virgin Records.

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    If I didn't know what Tool was, this article title would be very funny.
    I'm gonna go into Full Mustaine Mode and voice my opinion, and if people dare go Full Gene Simmons Mode on me, I'll show you! Haha...I'll go Full Lars Ulrich Mode on your asses and sue! j/k I hate when UG writes "APC co-founder Howerdel" or refers to APC as "Maynard's side project". APC is a side job of Maynard's, but APC isn't "his". According to an interview in Guitar World long ago, Howerdel was considering a female vocalist for his band. He played some sample demos for Maynard, and Maynard was so impressed that he offered to sing for APC. Calling APC Maynard's side project makes it sound like he got up one day and said, "Hmmm, I'm gonna start a side project. I'd better find some band members".
    Up-vote! Funny you mentioned that because I think the use of "APC Guitarist" in the title is irritating too. Much more significant all-around musician/writer/singer...not only in APC, but in Ashes Divide as well.
    It is due to the fact fans of Tool, A Perfect Circle, and Puscifer are more likely to view the article since Maynard has more influence.
    Who formed it (ie what happened 10+ years ago) in the first place doesn't mean much, the fact is only two people write for APC and that is Billy and Maynard. Not to mention, I'd wager without the Tool connection they'd have far fewer fans than they do now simply because a lot of people who like Tools music wouldn't have also gotten APC and said "Damn, this is good stuff!"
    All of you people brought up good points. I think I was trying to be funny. There is no question that merely the presence of Maynard in the band helped their popularity. I remember the Funky Munky radio station always saying "APC featuring Maynard of Tool". The only correction for Democrab is that Jeordie White (AKA Twiggy of Marilyn Manson) contributed significantly to The 13th Step album. Either way, I am happy they will have new music and I hope it is as good as their first 2 albums!
    Yeah, White really brought some things into that record. I missed Lechantin's backing vocals. James Iha is also a great addition to the band.
    Majin Gaara
    This is the problem with whoring yourself out to multiple music projects: Sure It's fun because of the diverse music creation, but it also halts any consistent musical process with one particular project. Nothing against Tool or Perfect Circle but I would imagine waiting years between each band's album has to suck for some fans. I mean 10,000 days was like what, 8 years ago?
    I imagine that everyone involved in both projects gets a huge a headache trying to schedule Maynard into a session. Thats what nearly broke up Tool in the first place
    I don't see the ethics in restraining artistic impulses of diverse nature, in favor a group of consumers.
    Billy, you're amazing. But let's stay out of Maynard's way, he doesn't need any distractions lol.
    APC is great, but Tool > APC pretty content with this
    Besides the fact that Maynard sings in both bands, there's not point of comparison between both bands. Music is not a team sport.
    Hahahaha goddamn first funny UG title I've ever seen. It's typically misleading and bad, but at least it's a well-done accidental pun.
    Billy needs to do some more work with Ashes Divide. His first (only) album was pretty decent.
    What do these guys do when the frontman almost always has other things on the go? They have other jobs or what? Im in the same position. Theres only so much time in the day - very little. Life is too short to wait for others. They must have other projects of their own.
    Vicryl 2.0
    Billy has ashes divide and James is always working on some music besides his solo stuff.