A Perfect Circle Stream First Song in 10 Years

Listen to the brand new track fronted by Tool's Maynard James Keenan right here. But is it a dull effort from a great band?

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A Perfect Circle have streamed their first new song in almost 10 years. Listen to "By and Down" via Spin. It's set to appear on a forthcoming compilation of their greatest hits to be released on November 19, titled "Three Sixty." According to Spin, the track was recorded between live performances in 2010 and 2011, and drives forward with patient grooves. Whether it peaks enough is your call - let us know what you think of the track in the comments below. Meanwhile, fans who didn't manage to buy their "A Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone and Echo" box set which was limited to 2,500 copies will be able to finally get hold of the package in a digital format on November 26. It collects live performances from all three of the band's albums with a performance at Red Rocks, with other bonus audio features.

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    "It collects liver performances..." - mjk just always comes up with new stuff when it comes down to performing live! :-D
    mat hazelwood
    finding typos and reading completely biased $hit stirring titles are half the reason we come to UG
    As a massive APC fan, gotta say I don't exactly find this heart-stoppingly awesome, but it's alright. It's definitely got that APC sound which is cool. And all this has done is made me want to whine like a fanboy about how I would love a new album.
    this technically isn't "new." i am actually pretty sure it was written before they recorded Emotive. They played this song live when I saw them in 2011...and it kicked dick. they can do no wrong in my eyes.
    If only Tool would release music as fast as APC.
    Sadly, they kind of do. The last new APC song was released about 10 years ago and the last Tool album was released 7 years ago. You've gotta have patience to be a fan of either band.
    Lateralus and Mer de Noms have lasted me the last 12+ years they should be able to cover another 10 years easy.
    on top of that, this one song was apparently recorded three years ago and is just being released now
    Well it's not a huge post-10-year-hiatus comeback statement. But if we ignore our stupidly high expectations then it's a great song in its own right. Would fit right in on Thirteenth Step
    3 albums released. 10 year span.. Might as well release a Greatest hits now.. I loves me some APC and its probably a contractual thing but.. really?
    Greatest hits of what? They have 2 real albums plus an album of (mostly) covers. If people want their best stuff, buy either of those first two. Easy as.
    A-men, someone wants to get Paid . It's a nice song, But my APC greatest hits already exists on my ipod playlist. There's a good hour or more.
    I read somewhere a few weeks ago that they didn't realise they signed a contract with a greatest hits clause in it so they have been forced to do it. They have tried to make it a sort of mega bundle in order to make it that bit different though as obviously they are not fans of the idea themselves.
    Didn't realise there was a greatest hits clause in their contract? Be kind of hard to miss that, wouldn't it?
    Not exactly. Some contracts don't even say that and avoid using the words, in a way tricking the artist.
    If they didn't use the words, then how is it in the contract? Legalese, I suppose. Darned lawyers!
    I've always liked APC's more melodic side!! This has a really cool vibe to it! How can you complain about a new APC song though? It's a paradox, if you dont like it, your like "This sucks" but if they didnt put it out you'd want it. Just be happy and enjoy life ! Hail satan :o
    i hate how late this site always is with news MetalSucks posted an article about this yesterday
    Well, go get your news on Metalsucks and don't come here.
    i do both because generally they cover different topics, ive just noticed whenever they share an article UG is always behind by at least a day
    Emenius Sleepus
    it's already better than that awful "Ashes Divide" thing Billy engaged on after APC originally went on hiatus
    Ashes Divide had a couple of great songs, but a lot of forgettable ones. It was still better than eMotive.
    I guess it is perspective. I really enjoyed eMotive, but never gave Ashes Divide a third spin.
    Reminds me production wise, of something that could have been off of 'Mer de Noms'. Good track.
    They closed with By and Down this winter in Las Vegas. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE STUDIO VERSION EVER SINCE!!! THANK YOU MAYNARD!!