Aberdeen Is Keeping 'Come As You Are' Welcome Sign, the Mayor Reports

The city head received more than 300 emails after reports that the reference to a Nirvana song would be dropped when the sign is replaced.

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After hearing from fans of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, the Washington state city of Aberdeen is keeping the words "Come as you are" on a welcome sign, Associated Press reports.

The words are the title of Nirvana's song, featured in the band's iconic 1991's "Nevermind."

KBKW and KXRO report mayor Bill Simpson received more than 300 emails after reports that the reference to a Nirvana song would be dropped when the sign is replaced. He announced at Wednesday night's City Council meeting that the sign will stay.

"Come as you are" was added to the "Welcome to Aberdeen" sign in 2005 following the 10-year anniversary of Cobain's 1994 death in Seattle.

Cobain grew up in Aberdeen. While the city plans to replace the aging sign, there are no plans to change the message.

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    I was thinking they were talking about Scotland, but it all came together there at the end.
    Interviewer: What's your favorite thing about Aberdeen? Kurt: Knowing that I don't live there anymore.
    This is a much more legitimate and dignifying way to pay tribute than a museum of "stuff"
    I've driven by this sign a couple times. Every time I see it I just get the absolute-widest smile.
    I think that's an awesome way of respecting Kurt Cobain Good thing the mayor decided to keep it.
    I live in Aberdeen (Scotland) The welcome sign says "Welcome to the city of Aberdeen - A Fairtrade City". When I go past it everyday all I get is a feeling of impending doom.I would post a picture but it would only bring that feeling back. Famous Aberdonian muso's = Annie Lennox, Emeli Sande and Dave Flett (Manfred Mann's Earth Band and Thin Lizzy) and possibly Pallas. Useless trivia. Annie and Dave both lived in the same building (Mastrick Land,Aberdeen)- For a while I lived in Annie's old flat Yeah I know- I said this was useless trivia ,not interesting!!
    Nero Galon
    "While the city plans to replace the aging sign". It doesn't look any different to new to me...
    If they were to have Kurt crap everywhere people would bitch that they're trying to ride on his fame. I think the sign is enough acknowledgement without whoring him out completely.
    It's good to know that small government officials actually give a shit about what people have to say outside of standard elections and polls.
    youd think its a tribute, but really in all actuality its a slap in the face. its legitimately the only thing that refrences kurt cobain, or even nirvana, in any way. well aside from the "kurt cobain memorabilia museum" (which is a ****ing joke) consisting of a cardboard cut out of kurt, a documentary of nirvana, and a bunch of random shit that says kurt was here. it's more of an overflow space for the next door star wars shop. you'd think they'd at least make a museum or something of kurts house i mean ****
    I hope I will actually some day see that sign with my own eyes, in case they might try to remove it again...
    Read it again, they're not gonna get rid of it. They just replaced it because it got old.
    I know, that's not what I meant, I meant that the city council might try to get the sign removed again in the future, perhaps 5 years from now, 10 years, I don't know. Regardless of time, I'm almost certain that they will try again later on...