AC/DC Got Banned in Soviet Union for Spreading Neofascism, Sabbath, Priest, Maiden Also Among Banned Acts

Apparently, Julio Iglesias was also a neofascist and Van Halen were anti-Soviets, full list inside.

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An interesting list from back in the day has recently surfaced, showcasing artists banned in the Soviet Union for different reasons.

The Soviet government had a reputation of being extremely strict in those days, but the reasons why the musicians got banned from the radio is what will surprise you the most.

So as Consequence of Sound reports, AC/DC earned their ban for supposedly spreading neofascism, and so did Julio Iglesias. Furthermore, KISS were dubbed as nationalistic, whereas Pink Floyd were "interfering with foreign policy of USSR in Afghanistan."

Additionally, Judas Priest got labeled for anticommunism, Van Halen were written off for anti-Soviet propaganda, Ramones and Sex Pistols were "punk," which was apparently a crime of its own and Village People, the dressed-up guys performing "YMCA" and "Macho Man," got banned for promoting violence.

The rest of the list includes Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Talking Heads and more. Make sure to check it out below.

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    I love the way "Punk" was considered a reason.
    "Village People - Violence" I knew there was something twisted about that cowboy dude....
    I don't even know where to begin with this list...
    A grammatically correct sentence? Kerry King... what are you doing? Kerry King... stahp!
    kerry i need you to perform blood red either in the kreml in the past or in a north korean death camp
    "whereas Pink Floyd were 'interfering with foreign policy of USSR in Afghanistan.'" Did they not get banned for making an album based on Orwell's "1984"? No wonder the Soviet Union collapsed, slowpoke bureaucrats.
    Van Halen - Anti-Soviet propaganda? I can't even... Hot For Teacher? Jump? Panama? Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love? The others I can sort of understand, most rock/metal does involve violent imagery in the lyrics, but Van Halen?
    Yeah you know, when Dave had his rant in "Down With the Soviets" from 1984? "Heyyyyy man, them Soviets are no GOOOOODDahhh. DOWN WITH THE SOVIETSSSS WWAAAHHHAHAHAOOOH!!!"
    From now on Klesh is my new favorite band Anyway, the Soviet Union was no free state, but some of these acts had serious problems in their own countries (USA, Britain), which was a greater problem to these individuals, than getting banned in a country they are not likely to perform or earn money. Remember what happened with the Sex Pistols after "God Save the Queen", for example, or the 1985 Senate hearing about metal bands.
    So is there a band called Klesh or did they mean ''The Clash'' ?
    Yeah, also Scorpions, The Stranglers, Krokus and The Stooges (check the titles in the list )
    I'm agree with the Village People quote.. everyone knows that the YMCA's choreography is very violent.. especially when you're drunk !
    application to a letter dated 10th of january 1985 Proletarians of all countries, unite! All-Union Lenin Communist Union of Youth Nikolayevskiy regional committee of Komsomol of Ukraine. for official use for secretaries of GK, RK LKSM Ukraine. We send you An approximate list of foreign musical groups and artists, whose repertoire contains ideologically harmful compositions and also a list of tariffied vocal and instrumental ensembles of USSR. We reccomend to use this information for strengthening of control of discotheques. This information needs to be provided to all vocal and instrumental ensembles and youth discotheques of the area. The secretary of Komsomol. P. Grishin. An approximate list of foreign musical groups and artists, whose repertoire contains ideologically harmful compositions. Name of Collective What it promotes 1. Sex pistols - punk, violence 2. B-52 - punk,violence 3. Madness - punk,violence 4. Clash - - punk,violence 5. Stranglers - - punk,violence 6. Kiss - neofascism, punk,violence 7. Crocus - violence, strong personality cult 8. Styx - violence, vandalism 9. Iron Maiden - violence, religious obscurantism 10. Judas Priest - anticommunism, racism 11. AC/DC - neofascism, violence 12. Sparks - neofascism, racism 13. Black Sabbath - violence, religious obscurantism 14. Alice Cooper - violence, vandalism 15. Nazareth - Violence, religious mysticism, sadism 16. Scorpions - violence 17. Dschinghis Khan - anticommunism, nationalism 18. UFO - violence 19. Pink Floyd (1983) - perversion of Soviet policy ("Agression Of USSR in Afghanistan") 20. Talking Heads - the myth of the Soviet military threat 21. Perron - erotism 22. Bohannon - erotism 23. Originals - sex 24. Donna Summer - erotism 25. Tina Turner - sex 26. Junior English (Reggae) - Sex 27. Canned Heat - homosexuality 28. Munich Machine - erotism 29. Ramones - punk 30. Van Halen - anti-soviet propaganda 31. Hulio Iglesias - neofascism 32. Yazoo - punk, violence 33. Depeche Mode - punk, violence 34. Village People - violence 35. 10cc - neofascism 36. Stooges - violence 37. Boys - punk, violence 38. Blondie - punk, violence "CORRECT" Head of the general department of the regional committee of Komsomol E. Pryazhinskaya the real reason pink floyd was banned was the band's song "Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert" from the album "the final cut" that contains lyrics "Brezhev took Afghanistan" i corrected the mistakes that were made in band names. there were all written in russian without translation, just like the people behind this list heard the band name. here are the original names: 1. Sex Pistolz 11. Aj Si Di Si 12. Sparks Sparks 13. Black Sabat 15. Nazaret 16. Scorpion 18. Ufo 20. Tolkinhedz 23. orinndzhinelz 26. dzhanior jenglish 27. kened hit 28. manich meshin 29. ramonz 30. Ban Hejlen 31. Hulio Iglesios 32. Jazoo 33. Danich Mod 35. Ten Si Si 36. Stodzhis
    Julio Iglesias may look like a WTF,but what if I tell you that he is descended from fascist,helped the Nicaraguan contra,was Pinochet's friend...That makes me think that also may be other reasons for the rest of the list. Besides NOT RECOMMENDED=/=BANNED
    If the list was made by the soviet union , why is it written in English?
    Somebody translated it? It's an UG article, it's easier to understand if it's in English. Of course the original list wasn't in English. That's pretty obvious.
    Crocus got banned for promoting the cult of personality? Yeah, I'm sure the Soviet Union was totally against that.
    So, AC/DC got banned in the European Union? Now that's some big news. I'm so fukin confused.
    Ive always disliked russia and i always will. This list is just weird. Nazareth - violence and sadism? really!?
    But this list actually is not about Russia (it was in the Soviet Union) - it's more about just stupidity of bureaucracy - you can find it in different forms in almost every country.
    Said N-D, a russian moderator, while polishing his banhammer.
    Hah, of course no Using banhammer just because someone has his own opinion is just... unethical. By the way, all people in Russia think that this list is ridiculously stupid too - you know, government is government, but people are people everywhere, no matter in which country do you live.
    There are people in the USA who wanted to do the same thing around the same time. Fear of communist propaganda led to very similar problems. Censorship was also huge in the USA, but the censors weren't as successful as the Soviets were.
    I should have corrected myself. I mean how they handle alot things over there. Its not year 1900 anymore.
    Depeche Mode Punk, Violence- " We reccomend to use this information for strengthening of control of discotheques." This list and lots of vodka and you get a communist party.