AC/DC Present Signature Wine Brand

AC/DC Platinum to be released in September after two years in the making.

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Joining the latest trend of rock greats' alcoholic beverages, AC/DC Platinum wine has officially been announced for a September release after a two-year making process.

As Shout reports, the limited edition one-off wine is in fact a super-premium 2010 Barossa Valley Shiraz. Combined with a slick bottle design, the final product is definitely a keeper.

"After the global launch of AC/DC The Wine in Australia, it's very fitting that the heartland and point of origin for AC/DC is the market that has access to the extremely limited AC/DC Platinum," stated Warburn Estate executive director of sales and marketing Francis Fusca. "To put together something like this the rarity, the collectability and the never seen before packaging has been a labor of love for everyone involved."

Fusca continued, "AC/DC Platinum is definitely at the forefront of wine packaging in this country. The hardest part is for the fans who will miss out this product could be considered one of the rarest memorabilia seen out of the AC/DC stable."

As far as the strictly music-related AC/DC news are considered, the band's recently been keeping a fairly low profile, with the latest reports only confirming the new album writing kickoff back in late March.

"The guys [Malcolm and Angus Young] are writing material, and when they've got some stuff together they'll give [the rest of the band] a holler," said bassist Cliff Williams. "They get a bunch of ideas together - some are more together than others - and then we'll all hit a studio, or a little rehearsal room first of all, kick it around with a producer, and get in a studio and record. That's how it runs."

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    I bet each bottle has the same basic repetitive taste which you like and come to expect from them, but you also dislike it because you wish they would make something different but you know if they did you wouldn't really like and would then say they should've stuck to what they're good at...
    Ill be acquiring some of this; AC/DC is kickass, even if I think it's a bit weird for a hard rock band to put out a wine.
    Iron maiden and AC/DC both have alcohol now. Give it two years Metallica will probably have one called larscohol.
    I think it should be mandatory for successful rock and metal bands to launch their own brand of alcohol. I would buy a create of every bands product if they done it. The Iron Maiden beer is lovely! Now its time to find a bottle of this.
    I would have imagined ACDC's brand on any alcohol, except for wine. Well if I were to drink any wine I guess it'd be ACDC.