Adam Lambert: 'I Was A Man In Heels - People Knew What They Were Getting'

Adam Lambert has revealed that his lyrics are an honest portrayal of his life as a gay man, and reveals that he made his sexuality evident from day one.

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Adam Lambert has revealed that his lyrics are an honest portrayal of his life as a gay man, and reveals that he made his sexuality evident from day one.

The star, who is rumoured to be embarking on a world tour with Queen in 2013, discussed his sexuality and music with Australian publication, SameSame.

"I was a 27-year-old middle-class white guy wearing make-up and heels, what did people think they were getting, you know?" Said the star, discussing his appearance on American Idol.

"When I came out, I think I kind of did so with a sense of weariness and hesitation. I've lived openly my whole life so was in no way ashamed of who or what I am, but I was aware that coming out publicly, as it were, would possibly alter the way people looked at me or perceived me.

But, that said, I'm really an open book. I think I always knew that anybody who had a problem with my orientation probably wasn't somebody I wanted to connect with anyway."

Lambert added that his sexuality is a huge influence on his work.

"Being gay is definitely a part of my identity and who I am and it's something I am completely, one hundred percent comfortable with. I don't hide who I am when I write lyrics. I refer to my own life, my own struggles, my own joy, my own love, whatever."

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    Wait... Adam Lambert is gay? Good thing Ultimate Guitar covered this or I might never have known.
    @jrodgers I know the type of music Adam chooses for his own albums doesn't appear to fit in with Queen, but his "one in one hundred million voice" (Roger Taylor's words) and showmanship/theatricality is what makes him the most perfect fit for Queen since Freddie. Check out some of the YouTube videos of their shows at the Hammersmith in London, and you'll see why Adam won over so many die-hard Queen fans who went into the night feeling the way you do and came out believers. The "one thing" you mention is purely incidental in Brian and Roger's choice. As far as his "coming out", the first article I read about him prior to the contestants actually being televised referred to him as "openly gay". I'm not sure why it was ever questioned.
    Adam Lambert is a talented singer and all, but I just don't see what the connection with Queen is, and why they picked him over lots of other worthy people to stand in for Freddie. Well, I guess I there is ONE thing he has in common with Freddie, and its hard not to think Queen isn't exploiting that one thing....
    Few people can sing Freddy's songs. Adam has the big voice and the range that Freddy's music demands. They do have that one big thing in common, showmanship and the love of preforming. That's what you were alluding to, right? I miss Freddy too but I think that Adam will do justice to Freddy's music and his amazing spirit. I think Freddy would be pleased.....wagepeace
    Ultimate Guitar, would you perhaps do what you're called on to do, and report on Adam's music, instead of harping on that boring old "gay" chestnut?? You media seem to still think that it's a sensationalistic story, when it's at least 3 yrs since Rolling Stone asked him the question and he confirmed it. And it's at least 12 years since it hs been a non-story for HIM personally. Adam has always said it - how he goes into an interview to promote his music, and his answer to the question or series of questions about his gayness is the ONLY thing that makes it into the headline or the article. And yet, as he has said, he can't refuse to answer questions about his gayness - that would be silly and he has no desire to hide. But you have idiot readers (like some commentators above) who read the headlines and think he goes around holding court about "gay" "gay" "gay" all day long. When his first preference was ALWAYS that it be a non-issue.
    All I can say is that you are an ass! I think people need to speak to your ignorance and lack of musical soul bluntly! I am so tired of your kind and and how really mentally challenged the likes of you are! You definitely have not seen a video of Queen + Adam and probably if you had you would not recognize greatness when you see it!!
    I agree with Adam's stance, but how many artists just make out with one of the band members on stage...AND while on national television? Like, I get it, he's gay, he doesn't need to "flaunt" it like it's something special. If it was a guy and a girl doing that on live TV I would be equally as pissed. "Oh, your straight, I get it. Thanks."
    Adam is an artist who puts it all out there for the whole world to see holding nothing back that is just one of the amazing qualities he has along with having everything it takes to becoming a superstar
    Aaaahh... so that's what qualified him for Queen. I get it now.