Adam Lambert: 'I Was A Man In Heels - People Knew What They Were Getting'

artist: Adam Lambert date: 08/10/2012 category: wtf?

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Adam Lambert: 'I Was A Man In Heels - People Knew What They Were Getting'
Adam Lambert has revealed that his lyrics are an honest portrayal of his life as a gay man, and reveals that he made his sexuality evident from day one. The star, who is rumoured to be embarking on a world tour with Queen in 2013, discussed his sexuality and music with Australian publication, SameSame. "I was a 27-year-old middle-class white guy wearing make-up and heels, what did people think they were getting, you know?" Said the star, discussing his appearance on American Idol. "When I came out, I think I kind of did so with a sense of weariness and hesitation. I've lived openly my whole life so was in no way ashamed of who or what I am, but I was aware that coming out publicly, as it were, would possibly alter the way people looked at me or perceived me. But, that said, I'm really an open book. I think I always knew that anybody who had a problem with my orientation probably wasn't somebody I wanted to connect with anyway." Lambert added that his sexuality is a huge influence on his work. "Being gay is definitely a part of my identity and who I am and it's something I am completely, one hundred percent comfortable with. I don't hide who I am when I write lyrics. I refer to my own life, my own struggles, my own joy, my own love, whatever." Thanks to Gigwise for the report.
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