Adele Targeted By Twitter Trolls Following Birth Of Son

New mother became subject of insults and jokes on social network.

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Adele has been targeted by trolls on Twitter after she gave birth this weekend.

The singer, who had a baby son on Saturday, October 20, was the victim of tasteless jokes on the social network as well as a number of threats and insults, reports NME. One of the most popular comments made after the news of Adele giving birth broke was made by one user who wrote: "Adele was pregnant? I thought she was fat." This was subsequently retweeted hundreds of times.

More disturbingly, however, were people speculating over the health of the small child and making sick jokes about post-natal depression and death.

One user, with around 4,000 followers, wrote: "Aw Adele gave birth to a baby. Is it fat and handicapped lol? Just murder it already lol." Other users speculated what Adele will sing about now she is a mother, to which one troll responded coldly: "Maybe her baby will die?"

Earlier this year, Adele broke the news of her pregnancy on her official website, writing: "I'm delighted to announce that Simon [Konecki] and I are expecting our first child together. I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we're over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx."

There were also reports that she and Konecki had married in secret after she was spotted wearing a gold wedding band on her ring finger, but she later dismissed rumours that they had tied the knot.

According to rumour, the singer's new album has been inspired by her first child. The Tottenham soul sensation's last LP, the hugely successful '21', was heavily influenced by her ex-boyfriend and lost love, but sources close to the singer have claimed that her next record will be "lighter" due to her pregnancy.

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    World is full of sick people
    the internet is full of sick people.
    Ya just gotta love the irony. The trolls try to hurt her and only succeed in rallying people (UGer's for example) behind her who otherwise don't care for her or her music. Sure must suck to be a troll, LOL.
    There's nothing wrong with bad taste jokes in my opinion. I'll laugh at homophobic, racist or sexist jokes if they're funny and I am not remotely close to being any of those things. However, personal attacks about her kid dying cross the line and then some. Not cool internet.
    link no1
    The 'jokes' about her baby dying are just out of order. The comment about "I thought she was just fat" though, well, I honestly did think that.
    Trolling can be funny, and enjoyable. But once it gets to the point of the "I hope you/he/she dies", it's gone a little too far. Imho, Adele should just keep her head high and ignore them, she gave birth to a beautiful child, and has had more success then any fat basement dweller who attacked her on Twitter could ever dream of.
    I seriously don't know why people give her so much shit. She has a wonderful voice, I just get annoyed by her songs playing over the radio every 3 minutes.
    Hey, I'm fine with sick jokes WHEN THEY ARE FUCKIN' FUNNY! Saying "Aw Adele gave birth to a baby. Is it fat and handicapped lol? Just murder it already lol." Is not funny, from a comedic standpoint at least, it is funny in a satirical way as people actually follow this person on Twitter and you know they all posted shit like "LOLOLOL so true YOLO ROFLMAO" and deserve to be shot.
    The first joke about her being fat was funny before it got overused. The other ones are just plain sick failed attempts at trolling.
    I don't think Adele deserves so much shit. I mean, yeah, she's a pop artist and this is a rock/metal site, and yeah, she's a bit overplayed, but come on, she's not that bad, and besides, these jokes aren't even remotely funny.
    Everything is fun until it gets personal. In my opinion, bad taste jokes are funny only when they don't attack a specific person on important matters (for example: Bill Clinton's sexual scandal = not really that serious = funny; death of a baby = serious = not funny at all)
    Thought the first one was pretty funny. I mean, she's not exactly thin Fat jokes are just hilarious. It's like fart jokes. Totally like fart jokes.
    this is probably the most overdone comment on UG but like. trolls troll a mediocre pop star. is this really news?
    Just a bunch of people with very little going on in their lives. While they're calling her fat and talking about her kid, she's making millions of dollars and touring the world. So let the trolls have fun splitting their time between tweeting insultsand flipping burgers at the nearest McDonalds. It is, after all, the only thing keeping them alive.
    Wow, what a bunch of sad ****s. Only goes to further prove that trolls are cowardly lowlife whose real lives are a living hell, and who troll on the Interwebz as an excuse to project their misery on others, where they otherwise won't get their faces punched in. Besides, Adele is not a bad singer or person for that matter. If you're going to make fun of someone, do it of someone who somewhat deserves it, like conspicuously bad artists such as One Direction or Rihanna, but god damn it, no personal attacks like this.
    By the way, what a coincidence, the user who posted the second comment (A Bieber fangirl) deleted her account after this was published. Says something about this kind of people, no?
    it's like you make a couple of rape jokes and all of a sudden you're offensive.
    i don't know. it's pretty bad just writing to you guys. let alone for reading all the bullshit especially when you have a twitter account and it's all public. so, i don't know, i don't give whiskers about Adele or her pompous singing. bless the child and the mother. And i hope you guys roll over and die.
    I don't like her muic, but that's so messed up! she should just ignore those inbred idiots.