Aerosmith, Fall Out Boy and Alter Bridge Join Download 2014 Festival Bill

US pop punks to perform alongside Saturday night headliners Linkin Park while both american rockbands announced for Sunday night.

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US pop punks Fall Out Boy have officially joined the upcoming Download 2014 Festival bill and will perform along the Saturday night headliners Linkin Park. Also confirmed via official website, Aerosmith will perform as Sunday night headliners with Alter Bridge featured as main support. As previously reported, the bill thus far is completed with Friday night headliners Avenged Sevenfold and main support Rob Zombie. All info was officially confirmed by festival organizer Andy Copping, who previously expressed the desire to arrange a Led Zeppelin reunion, Van Halen or classic Guns N' Roses lineup to headline the event. Download 2014 is scheduled to take place at UK's Donington Park from June 13 through 15. As a special treat, Linkin Park will perform their classic 2000 debut "Hybrid Theory" in full. The list of this year's performers included the likes of Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Queens of the Stone Age, Motorhead and more. "So stoked we are playing download," said FOB bassist Pete Wentz. "It's a legendary one to us from watching old videos of our favorite bands playing it back in the day. Gonna be a blast, we can not wait."

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    Alter Bridge is the main support of Aerosmith?! Nice!
    Im soo happy Alter Bridge is getting to play a big crowd in America. They need to get their name and sound out there more. They're incredible musicians, down to earth people, and after Fortress they have a lot to show off. Just wish i could go...
    Download is in the UK... unless you're making a barely-relevant comment for the sake of it
    AB should be headlining! theyre on a way different level than rob zombie and come on fall out boy, really?
    - Bleed It Dry Live
    I mean hate on fob as much as you want, they at least have some stage presence, unlike what I saw in this video.
    He is playing guitar, what do you want him to do? Don't compare FOB with AB.... Fuck im addicted to fortress
    It's a brand new song, and that was the premiere night for it. Give it time. They have excellent stage presence. Go watch anything from the Live from Amsterdam DVD.
    Better stage show than Rob Zombie? There are a very select few groups in the world who could hold that title. I've seen AB 3 times, and while they are very good live, they don't have near the same headlining value as Zombie does. Just check out his latest North American tour videos at Mayhem.
    I'm so glad AB is playing high up on this festival. They definitely deserve it.
    If you whine about it just remember there's 150 other bands to choose from. Glad AB are playing so high up and I'll no doubt see all the bands there asides from the Saturday ones. If there's nothing I like on at the same time... I'll go see something new. Discovered Hang The Bastard this year, fantastic
    If there's over 150, why is FOB there? Looking at this years line-up and next, FOB is like the saw thumb out of all the bands on the main stages (especiall after Save Rock and Roll). They're good, but shouldn't be at Download on the main stage as support act. Maybe smaller stage, yeah... not main.
    I've seen Alter Bridge in a small 200 person club in 2007.....nice to see them headline this festival i've seen them at 3 times.
    So far it looks like Friday = Metal Saturday = Pop, Though LP playing Hybrid Theory will be good Sunday = Rock
    Yeah, not for me this year I don't think.
    I don't think it's for many people who usually go to Download...
    Some one explain to me how a band can be punk & pop given that they are musical opposites?????
    why are they opposites? because you say so? you can blend any genres....
    Pop and Punk aren't necessarily "musical opposites" because that term doesn't really mean anything. They are ideological opposites though.
    I wouldn't mind seeing A7X, Aerosmith, Zombie (a third time, saw him with Ozzy and at Mayhem) and would especially like to see Alter Bridge. But would I fly to England for it? No.
    It's shaping up to be a pretty weak lineup, especially compared to last year.
    Wow, there is a surprising lack of Fall Out Boy hate! I'll just go listen to this:
    I think the hate is there, but it just goes without saying.
    I Don't see the point in hating them. I really don't think there is one. Does the fact that people enjoy their music make people angry? Is there something so objectively bad about Fall Out Boy that makes even the mention of there name drive people insane? Does hating stuff make people feel better about themselves? Is it because Pete was in tabloid and thus considered "mainstream"? At least 3 of them are quite talented musicians, Patrick played every instrument on his solo album(all analog, no electronics or prefabs), Andy and Joe were both in The Damned Things and didn't seem to hamper the music they made. Pete plays his bass with a pick which can be a little annoying, but he's a great lyricist, "The truth hurts worse than anything I can bring myself to do to you," that's a pretty cool line if you ask me. Why spend your energy hating people whose only transgression is making music you don't like when there are people out there in the industry saying stupid shit, like Dave Mustaine, or Justin Bieber. It's a weird thing to spend energy on. It would be like finding a local band who plays a genre you don't like at all and then going to their shows to tell them how much they suck. Really, if there is some explanation I'm missing let me know. If they killed babies or jacked off onto a pile of unemployed vets tell me.
    People hate FOB because they're famous and their mainstream appealing sound. It's kind of a trend rock/metal listeners have been following for a long time. Maybe it started when Thrash Metal bands talked shit of Glam back in the 80's, and people started taking it (really) seriously, bashing every band that didn't played what was "true music" to them. However, while I don't like their first albums, I think Folie A Deux and Save Rock And Roll are really enjoyable to listen and I think they're really well crafted for a Pop Punk band. A bit ambitious, but good nonetheless.
    Does it make you mad that people hate something that like? People hate the Detroit Red Wings, but I'm not crying over it and posting why why why???
    Not mad, just curious. I'm trying to understand an aspect of our collective culture that I've never fit into. I don't get the hate culture we have. People treat everything as black or white, love it or hate it, good or bad. These simple terms used to be relegated to pop culture and media but now even CNN is dumbing itself down in this way with "Good or Bad" campaign. Maybe it's because we're hell bent on condensing everything down to it's simplest terms for mass consumption or maybe it's because we're impulsive creatures, but either way it's unbecoming of us as a species. Hate is a strong emotion. I hate the Westboro Baptist Church. I don't hate Armenian folk music, though I don't like it. One of those things has done something that one would define as a justifiable cause for hate, one has not. I don't like the song Alpha Dog by Fall Out Boy, but that doesn't mean I hate them. I don't like any song by A Day to Remember, but I don't hate them. Do you see what I getting at? Haven't you ever wondered why people hate the Detroit Red Wings? Did the Detroit Red Wings do something to deserve hate? I'm a Chiefs fan, but I don't hate the Raiders.
    They're hated mainly because their music is boring and a few of their members have really shitty egos. Clearly people like them, but, let us be honest here, they are nothing special as far as musicians go.
    Boring music is subjective, I don't find it boring at all. Which members have shitty egos? Patrick is probably the most humble guy ever, Andy is really nice, Joe is pretty funny, and I admit that Pete used to be immature but I think he's grown up over the past 4 years. Having a kid will do that to you. And i'm not saying they are the greatest musicians ever, but that doesn't really matter. They play there instruments well and that's all that matters quality wise. Is making "boring" music really worthy of hate? Hate is a pretty strong emotion. I don't mind if you don't like their music. I don't like Nicklebacks music, but I don't hate them. I can nae plenty of other bands and musicians whose music I don't like but that doesn't justify hate.
    You pretty much answered your own question.
    I listed some options that I thought were childish, immature, and not justifiable. Which one is the reason for the hate?
    This EP surprised the crap out of me. They went from pop to sounding like Fugazi and Minor Threat. What the heck??
    If they played just that album, they would be on and off before anyone got the chance to bottle them. I loved their earlier stuff, but save rock and roll was... just... not worth commenting on.
    I liked it in general, but it's not my favorite album by them. I didn't like My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark but I'm not usually a fan of the songs they pick as singles. I feel like a lot of people would like Folie A Deux if they listened to it without knowing it was Fall Out Boy. There's a lot of great instrumentation on that album.
    there is no way I am going to face the elements for those piss-poor headliners. The line-up stinks worse than the portaloos at download. (Aerosmith being an exception, cannot even save this line-up)
    I get people have opinions on specific bands playing these concerts, I'll admit FOB isn't my cup of tea right now but I dig their older stuff. If this is a festival with over 150 bands go to the night that has the bands you barely know and surprise yourself, you might actually have a great time. People love going to concerts just because their favourite band is going to be there later on in the night. Big deal, just go and have fun. People in the UK have it so good for festivals where I'm just sitting here in Canada looking on the websites of festivals saying " oh cool they get that and all I get is Edgefest." If you know what I'm referring to you wouldn't be complaining as much just because a band that isn't rock or metal or whatever.
    Worst headline acts for a "rock" festival ever.
    You can scream and beg for it not to be true all you wish, but Fall Out Boy's older stuff was rock music, poppy rock yes, but rock.
    But most likely to play their msot recent stuff, like everywhere else they've played.
    Yeah, it's too bad, Linkin Park playing Hybrid Theory and Fall Out Boy playing Take This To Your Grave would be a serious 6th grade festival memory festival.
    Checkout Soundwave 2014 for some embarassing headliners for Australia's only "heavy music" festival.
    Will Fall Out Boy be playing stuff off their strange new EP that sounds like Fugazi and Minor Threat??
    Good to see AB getting some well deserved recognition being nice and high up the order. Not a scratch on this years line up however
    Thrice Capades
    Does anybody actually like Fall Out Boy? When they played Riotfest nearly a quarter of the place left when Fall Out Boy started.
    It's obviously not 'cool' to like them. If people were less narrow minded and actually watched them play live, you would see they put on a good show.
    Its kind of disgusting how people still give steven tyler work after the sh** he pulled in the 70s with that 14 year old has come to light. Oh well. I wont be going to download next year. With any luck sonisphere will be back.
    Sonisphere will be back? they've been cancelling the england festival for a couple of years in a row now. not sure about other locations but dont get ur hopes up... I just hope Rock im park/rock am ring have better headliners. Not that these are bad, I've just seen them already, apart from aerosmith (which i hope will also go to germany)
    ...mate your a ****wit...that was something that happened in the 70's, she wasn't 14 either and her parents gave written consent...get your facts write before you blow your load on your keyboard you half baked tosser.
    the time period is no excuse.Her parents gave him, an adult, guardianship over their daughter. He was given guardianship over he because she was a minor. He was having a sexual relationship with a minor who he had guardianship over her. That puts him in a position of power. That is statutory rape. He supplied illegal drugs to a minor who he had guardianship over. Thats neglect.He also threw away her contraception and forced her to get pregnant. Thats emotional abuse.But you're right. Its in the past. And since hes got such a good voice lets just forgive and forget And since we are in such a forgiving mood, lets see if we can get download to book Gary Glitter next year too!
    Watched Fall Out Boy live at Reading and they were brilliant. The lead singer is talented, no doubt about that. Didn't read all the comments here but I'm guessing my thoughts aren't shared by many here.
    Section 5
    Sunday could potentially be a killer day, considering going because of AB and Aerosmith!
    When are the day tickets for sale? I don't want to pay for ****in avenged or linkin park shit. Why does Aerosmith have to be on this bs line-up?
    Fall out boy? I guess blink 182 are not available? Fall out boy is garbage! So is blink lol.
    I'm genuinely asking, so please don't get offended: What part of Fall Out Boy is garbage? Their newest album sold very well and their club tour sold out in only a few minutes. They also put on a great live show and seem to have a pretty good attitude about making music. I really want to know: What makes you hate them?
    The main stage headliners/sub headliners look pretty dire save for the Sunday but knowing Download the second and third stages will be killer
    ah well...DL have shit the bed with Aerosmith. It is good to see Andy taking a chance with A7X like he did with Slipknot in 2009. He has as opportunity to really pull up bands and create new headliners. A'smith, Iron Maiden are dull - they have had their day and should be kicked into touch now.
    Lots of people are forgetting how hard last year's bill is to top, it was a great line up! Plenty of time for more to be added though, there's always Bloodstock for the people who want heavier stuff.