Aerosmith: 'We Were Raping And Pillaging'

artist: Aerosmith date: 11/02/2012 category: wtf?
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Aerosmith: 'We Were Raping And Pillaging'
Steven Tyler has described Aerosmith's 1970s heyday as an era of "raping and pillaging". Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry were on The Late Show with David Letterman who asked them about their infamous drug use at the time. "We were an army marching on," said Tyler (via HenneMusic). "We were raping and pillaging and going from town to town... and when it's done, you don't go back and go bowling, or knit in your room. You drink, it feels good, you may have some cocaine, it feels good." Then Tyler found a more concise way to explain their behaviour: "Look, if you could put a button here [grabs forearm] and humans could orgasm, how many people out in the audience wouldn't be hitting that button all day long?" Joe Perry added that he's surprised the band are still alive, but accidentally demonstrates the effects that heavy drug use can have on a person: "You have to remember that our wild, crazy, kid partying days lasted about seven years. Take seven from 40. What do you get from that? [Looks around] Somebody? The rest of the time we were relatively sober and having a career." Watch the interview here, and their live performance of "Lover Alot" below.
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