Aerosmith: 'We Were Raping And Pillaging'

Steven Tyler says drugs are like having a button on your arm where you can orgasm on command, during their recent interview on the Letterman show.

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Steven Tyler has described Aerosmith's 1970s heyday as an era of "raping and pillaging".

Tyler and guitarist Joe Perry were on The Late Show with David Letterman who asked them about their infamous drug use at the time.

"We were an army marching on," said Tyler (via HenneMusic). "We were raping and pillaging and going from town to town... and when it's done, you don't go back and go bowling, or knit in your room. You drink, it feels good, you may have some cocaine, it feels good."

Then Tyler found a more concise way to explain their behaviour: "Look, if you could put a button here [grabs forearm] and humans could orgasm, how many people out in the audience wouldn't be hitting that button all day long?"

Joe Perry added that he's surprised the band are still alive, but accidentally demonstrates the effects that heavy drug use can have on a person: "You have to remember that our wild, crazy, kid partying days lasted about seven years. Take seven from 40. What do you get from that? [Looks around] Somebody? The rest of the time we were relatively sober and having a career."

Watch the interview here, and their live performance of "Lover Alot" below.

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    Just 4 more days until Music From Another Dimension comes out
    could be a hit or miss, same with All That Remains latest.
    I usually don't like reissued albums much, but the Megadeth comes with a full live album on it's second disc, just like the 25th anniversary of Peace Sells did, so I'll probably get it. The new all that remains doesn't sound bad either
    Well i heard Stand Up and 2 other songs on Youtube, and it sounds very basic, not like anything from their older albums. Sounds like theyre still going in the direction of their last 2 albums, but a little worse...
    Stand Up is all I've heard so far, and yeah, it isn't as good as their older stuff, but it wasn't bad, let's just hope there are better tunes they haven't uploaded yet
    Yeah, im just starting to get sick of what some of these metalcore bands are releasing these more into the technical stuff. Parkway Drive's latest just killed it! And i also loved Converge's. Texas In July's was pretty good.
    There is no chance I'm buying ATR's new cd. I've been with them since TFOI, and I've never been more disappointed in them.
    overall, these songs get old very very quickly.
    I'm shocked they went this route. They actually met success with their old sound, and I don't really know anyone that loves their mainstream side more than their heavy side. Anyone. On the other hand, A7X has a million fans that swear up and down their new stuff is their best.
    ik, wtf. i stopped liking A7X ever since their last album, i just cannot listen to them much anymore. and believe me, i am shocked as well. It sucks. Its disappointing. But whatever, ive had my enjoyment on Texas In July's, Converge's, and also Parkway Drive's latest to keep me happy, and make the genre look somewhat good.
    yeah idk why they keep deciding to go in this direction. like, i still give their last 2 albums an occasional listen at times, mostly while working out just because theyre pretty good pump up songs, but overall, theyre your prime example of a band whose sold out. sorry to say, and it is very unfortunate, but theyre becoming very watered down, almost like theyre trying to become a hard rock band, but still have that metalcore label on them, which literally kills me because this is what makes metalcore looked down upon, and im all about the top bands in this genre, not ATR, BFMV, and the like. also, their past 2 albums sound pretty much the same, so nothing is quite memorable...i miss the good ol' days of Phil just screaming, hes not a singer, clearly. Ive seen live videos and he is NOT good at singing. check this out: Oli doesnt seem like hes having fun playing either, i feel bad for the guy lol..
    Raping and is this how Liv Tyler was born?
    Mmm Liv Tyler. I would gladly throw some dumb ring in a pit of fire for her.
    I'm so pumped for this new album. I'm definitely getting the deluxe edition.
    ^ Seriously, what the hell did I say wrong?
    Nothing. Its probably some twelve year old. Iv noticed a lot of comments get down voted for no reason by like one person. probably just scrolls down on the down votes: *click, click, click* while muttering "go f*** yourself, go f*** yourself, go f*** yourself"
    Yeah, I'm 18 and I've been taking a lot of crap for liking bands like Aerosmith and KISS at school, and almost no one knows any of their music. It's just "the cool thing" to hate on old music, and therefore people who like it. So far I've learned that Aerosmith is a joke and Kid Cudi is a god. Kids these days...
    ^ Now apparently I'm not allowed to dislike Kid Cudi, or be 18, or not like it when people make fun of the bands I like?
    I downvoted because I was bored. But I upvoted the other ones. Is that fair?
    So you're that one person who downvotes for no reason... Eh, it's fair if you're being honest.
    Music from another dimension! was played in radio yesterday here in finland. Gotta say i enjoyed it a lot! Wait till you hear it and let the music talk.
    I am enjoying it as well. It has moments of pure awesomeness, with some unfortunate poppy pieces of sh** sprinkled in. Still really solid though. Tyler and Perry are just a powerhouse.
    I'm liking what I've heard so far also. It's definitely a lot better than "Just Push Play" that's for sure
    Yea the poppy songs arent that nice. I dont mind if there is few but it feels that one is enough. The rockish songs are amazing tho. I have never really listened to aerosmith but when i heard this from radio it made me buy it.
    I thought Perry had a marker on his face. A crap, that is his 'stache.
    I don't know why people are thumbing you down, his mustache was so far apart him and hitler could kiss and then build two cities in between their mustaches and the gaps there still wouldn't have enough room for their mustaches to touch.
    Who sings the harmonies??
    most likely Russ Irwin, their touring keyboard/background vocalist. You can sort of see him in the background at a few points
    It was likely a pre-recorded track, in this case. On tour, they'll have their regular background vocalists.
    I think I'm actually going to see them again on this leg, now that the set will be slighty different.
    Scott O
    Hope this record is good. It's been about 30 years since they've released anything half way decent.
    Always nice to hear a rock star clarify one stupid comment with another, and then fail to do the problem solving of a 5-year-old.
    kindof a boring song If you ask me... but I'M not just saying that because I'M A huge fan of their Rocks era stuff... very weak chorus and the riff wasn't all that good. i'd be happy enough to see them play their classic stuff... I[d definitely pay to see that.