Alanis Morissette's Music Drives Florida Man To Bloody Violence

Man attacks boyfriend over his love for Canadian singer.

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According to NME, a man has been arrested for attacking his boyfriend in Jacksonville, Florida, telling police he was driven mad by his partner listening to Alanis Morissette too much.

The violent incident saw Todd Fletcher, 33, assaulted by his boyfriend, Allen Casey, 24, with a plate. Police reports reveal that Casey also attacked Fletcher with his hands during the incident and that Fletcher was left with a large cut to his face.

Police quote Casey as saying the reason for his attack was Alanis Morissette. "That's all that (expletive) listens to," Casey told them.

A passerby reported the incident after hearing the pair shouting and seeing Casey hit Fletcher. Casey admitted to the crime when questioned by police in a nearby park.

Earlier this year, Alanis Morissette covered Green Day's single "Basket Case" as a show of support for the band's frontman, Billie Joe Armstrong, who is currenly in rehab. The Canadian singer-songwriter appeared on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! in September and performed the track by the pop punk band.

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    I dont blame him. If my significant other listened to dubstep or something crappy id bash them with a plate as well.
    I can't stand her voice either, specifically her style of singing. Listen to her cover of The Beatles' "Across the Universe." It is like she isn't pronouncing any of the words.