Alex Turner and Miles Kane Writing 1960s Set Film Inspired by 'X-Men'

The Last Shadow Puppets pair are working on a screenplay together, says Kane.

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Alex Turner and Miles Kane are apparently writing a 1960s-set film together inspired by X-Men.

AsĀ NME notes, the Arctic Monkeys frontman and his Last Shadow Puppets collaborator plan to work on the film before they make music together again.

When asked by Digital Spy about their plans for new music, Kane replied: "It's something we always talk about y'know? But I think we're gonna write this film first anyway before we hit back into that," he said.

Speaking about the screenplay, he added: "It's gonna have a sort of X-Men kind of vibe and sort of set in the '60s, but I can't give any more away than that." Kane went on to say that neither he not Turner planned to star in the movie, "but we may have a little cameo."

Turner and Kane released their collaborative album as the Last Shadow Puppets, "The Age of the Understatement," in 2008. Since then Turner has released three albums with Arctic Monkeys - 2009's "Humbug," 2011's "Suck It and See" and last year's "AM." Former member of the Rascals, Kane released his solo debut "Colour of the Trap" in 2011 and followed it last year with "Don't Forget Who You Are."

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    Alex is pretty good at telling stories, as shown in the Monkeys' first three albums. I'm quite curious of what this will look like, they're pretty inspired when they work together, TLSP album was a masterpiece.
    They havent ****ed up anything yet, so maybe this will actually be pretty solid. Love the Arctic Monkeys entire discography and LSP album was excellent (very much 60s cinema inspired, actually i think ill listen to it right now)
    It'll be shit
    Alternative music generally is. A bunch of people who can't play their instruments and then somehow get away with it by saying "You just don't get the music."
    I really enjoyed the Shadow Puppets album, as it showcased both artists' more sincere sides (especially considering that they both can come of as overtly confident in their respective bands). However, the highly metaphorical and associative style of writing they've showcased in their lyrics makes me wonder what sort of film they'd write, and whether or not they could 'ground' it enough to be compelling.
    I think it'll be good. And if not, who cares? Just seeing them work together again will make me smile! But when you get two insanely talented and creative people, the possibilities are endless, and I cant wait to see what they mix up!