Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell Using His MTV Award as Toilet Paper Holder

When it comes to MTV, Cantrell literally doesn't give a crap.

Ultimate Guitar

Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell has found a unique use for his MTV Award. The guitarist recently posted a photograph on Facebook of the iconic spaceman statue doubling as a toilet roll holder along with the following message:

"This #MTV Video Music Award doubles as a toilet paper dispenser.#dualpurpose #interiordecorating at #jerryshouse #tbt"

The award was given to Alice in Chains in 1993 for "Would?" which won in the Best Video From a Film category.

In a recent interview, Cantrell spoke about the troubles faced by young bands in the music industry. The guitarist noted that making it in the music industry is become an increasing financial burden for young acts:

"Music is not worth anything anymore, financially it's not. And it takes money to do it, it really does. If there's not any care or support being put into every crop, there's less and less every year, you're gonna get a sh-ttier, smaller crop every time. You got the crappier seed with a sh-t farmer - you're gonna get a smaller yield every season and that seems to be, to me, what's going on, and it's unfortunate man."

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    That toilet paper looks like heaven. All fluffy and etc. Probably feels like wiping your ass with a rabbit... I wish my local supermarket had something like that. ...I have serious issues.
    The Spaceman is probably loving it, since he has to stand there like that all day
    Seems lots of people treat music awards like crap. I swear I saw a video of Stone Gossard keeping his grammy in the basement. I know MTV is a business but they change with each big thing so quickly that an award from them seems pointless
    I had this crazy thought the other day; it's probably too easy, and wouldn't work in the same way that Sebastian Bach in Velvet Revolver wouldn't, but I wonder how Scott Weilland would fit with AIC?
    Many of AiC's songs were drug-themed. I think that Weiland and his "been there. done that" approach to drugs would put him in a suitable position.
    I can see his point, but this his probably his 347th article about how hard it is for your bands to make it. If he was that worried about it, maybe he should lend them a hand instead of complaining about it.