Alice in Chains Likely Starting New Album Work in 2015, Jerry Cantrell Explains

The guitarist also announces "one little special thing in the fall," details inside.

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Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell recently shared a rough time schedule for the band's upcoming activities, noting that the guys will likely kick off the new album writing sometime in 2015.

Chatting with Lansing State Journal, Jerry was asked about what the future holds for the AiC fold.

"We're beginning the last part of the tour for this record, which is this tour," he replied. "Then, we'll tour through Canada in the summer, and do a month in Europe. We're doing some festivals in Europe and opening for Metallica mainly, and also Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden."

Getting to the juicy part, Cantrell added, "Then, we'll go one little special thing in the fall, then wrap it up and take a break before we start working on the next record."

Noting that he could see an Alice in Chains documentary "happening somewhere along the way" in the near future, the guitarist also jokingly added that "it's nice to still not have a straight job."

The band's latest studio effort, "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here," saw its release in May 2013 via Virgin Records.

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    Great news! So good to see AiC full of energy again. TDPDH was great.
    If I could high-five anyone in the world, I'd high-five Jerry Cantrell. AiC is getting better with age, despite losing one of the best vocalists ever.
    You'd think you were high-fiving Jerry Cantrell, but it would turn out to be Dave Grohl wearing a Jerry Cantrell mask. I don't know why I felt the need to type that, but it seemed somehow relevant and important.
    Hopefully William DuVall will have more lead vocals on the new album. I loved Black Gives Way to Blue and The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here , but they could have used more songs with him on lead instead of just harmonizing with Jerry.
    Personally I'd like to see some more fun shit happening in the way that they did in the 90's especially with 'Sap' that EP is incredible and fun. As was 'Jar Of Flies' the band just said **** it let's do an EP. Album's get a lot of attention and more sales, but EP's are where the real magic happens and the rarity behind them. I'd love a copy of the "We Die Young EP"
    Friends don't let friends get friends haircuts. Considering that was corny, hope they come out west in Canada. Love to see them again.
    I dunno. I liked BGWTB okay, but I listened to Dinosaurs 2-3 times and it sits on a shelf now. All the songs sound the same.
    Hope it's better than TDPDH, couple of great songs but the album plods along at a similar tempo a bit.
    It was still miles ahead of Black Gives Way To Blue, though. And the packaging was really cool. I'm hoping they'll hit their stride on the next album, though, because even after two albums and a new 'lead' singer, this feels less like Alice in Chains and more like the Jerry Cantrell band 2.0
    Nah, BGWTB is like the second best AIC album imo.
    Two way tie between Jar of Flies and the self titled album (3-legged-dog) for 2nd place for me. Dirt takes the cake as #1.
    Jar of Flies was more like an EP than an album but still good... my favourites are Dirt, Facelift and one of the newer ones (can't decide which yet)
    Yep, there is only really one AiC album that can best it, and it begins with D and rhymes with shirt.
    Don't think so... Black Gives Way To Blue was awesome, every single song. TDPTDH had a few good tracks but most of them just aren't memorable and were easily forgotten.
    They would literally need to lose all their millions of dollars, start testosterone replacement therapy, and have a lead singer with an awful drug addiction to write classic material again, and the chances of those happening are pretty damn slim, so I guess we'll get an AIC 2.0 album with maybe 2 decent songs, tops. Depressing.
    New records are OK but nothing more. They will never be better than AiC with Layne and never make better record than "Dirt", "Jar Of Flies" or "Facelift". And, most of all, never find better vocal for them than Layne. I think they should split up. They're destroying their own legend right now. Keep the legend alive.
    A few of the harder songs were pretty good but their more acoustic work is really boring lately. I hear it on the radio and I just have to wonder why.
    Hopefully they get past the anti-religion phase and focus more on good music for the next one. Their last album was meh, but Black Gives Way To Blue was decent. Proof that while they will never be able to deliver something as good as when they had Layne, they can still make some good songs.
    So any word on West Coast dates for the Fall? JC suggested something special for the end of the year.....Anyone hear of anything further?
    Imagine the last two albums with Layne's vocals...the music and lyrics are as good as they ever were, but it's the legendary vocals that are missing..RD sounds like a constipated version of the lead singer from Sevendust..he'll never hold a candle to Layne.
    For me, Black Gives Way To Blue was amazing, maybe the best. They did the same, what ACDC did with Back in Black just without a(nother) good lead. I dont even miss it, while listening to it, though Layne was amazing of course - that was another Alice in Chains, and I love both of them. Unfortunately I didnt like their last material neither - it still has some good tracks, and sections but it could be much better, maybe that was their worst effort. I hope they are up to a new album not like the "Dinosaurs" one. They still have the ability.