All That Remains Frontman Rips Tom Morello: 'He's Not Not Raging Against Machine, He’s Jumping Into Machine's Pocket'

Phil Labonte talks politics in new interview.

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Phil Labonte of All That Remains has been speaking with Loudwire about the current state of music and politics. As the singer notes, he doesn't believe that Tom Morello is really raging against the machine. When asked why he was wearing an anti-Obama shirt, the singer responded with the following: "I specifically wore this shirt because I knew I was coming to New York. In fact the girls sitting down there gave me a look when I was coming to meet you and were like, 'Look at his shirt' and I'm like, 'Yeah, look at my shirt.' "Nobody's f--king punk rock anymore, I was never a punk rock guy but punk rock is supposed to be against the machine, against the establishment. I was talking crap about Tom Morello because how can you be Rage Against the Machine and then vote for someone that's in the party that controls both the House and the Senate. So you're against the machine but you're voting for the candidate that is supported by both the House of Representatives and the Senate. That's not raging against machine, that's jumping into the machine's pocket, that's lining right up behind the machine. "Political correctness has permeated the society that we live in to the point where – it used to be okay to be crap, you're free to be crappy. The freedom of speech doesn't exist so you can say, 'I hate the New York Jets' or 'I love the New England Patriots' or whatever, it's so that you can say really controversial s--t."

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    Rage against proof-reading article headlines.
    "He's Not Not Raging Against Machine" What, so he is raging against the machine?
    I actually went to Loudwire and read the interview, and it looks like UG just snipped the section out that people would rage over and pasted it here. Go figure.
    'the girls sitting down there gave me a look when I was coming to meet you and were like, 'Look at his shirt' and I'm like, 'Yeah, look at my shirt.'' - Anarchy in NY
    Isn't it more that Morello was choosing the lesser of 2 evils? That last election seemed pretty close or at least as reported in the mainstream media (I'm not American so I'm not totally clued up I'm afraid). So the only way not to let Romney win was a vote for Obama, even though he is barely any better. The 2 party system that is prevalent in most countries is the problem really - people don't get a substantial and varied choice.
    I can't say if that was his reasoning for sure, but it definitely seems like it could be the case. You're spot on about the two party system being the core of the problem. The partisanship in the US is ****ing insane. Politicians are so concerned with getting reelected they follow the party lines to a t, and refuse to compromise. This is on both sides of the aisle. Its not the democrats that are the problem; its not the republicans that are the problem. They're both ****ing up royally. There's a reason the approvement rating for congress is at like 9%, but people won't do anything about it but bitch. Rant over.
    That's how I do it. When I vote, I just pick the least damaging one. Let's face it, no matter who gets in, someone's always gonna suffer, so you may as well pick the one that'll hurt the least. It's like choosing between cutting your arm off or falling down a small flight of stairs.
    Yeah, but I think he doesn't realise that Tom Morello probably has kids/family now,he's got his own priorities.
    go write a shitty chorus about it. then autotune the **** out of it so you can sound halfway decent.
    Phil's comments about Tom are about as arrogant and douchey as when Tom said Paul Ryan shouldn't be allowed to listen to RATM just because he's Paul Ryan.
    Paul Ryan is a terrible human being, though. I wouldn't want him to have enjoyment either.
    Somebody can't enjoy something because you disagree with their political views? Looks like you're just as terrible as he is.
    Not wanting him to have any enjoyment is a little much, but Tom made the very relevant point that Paul Ryan and RATM have nothing in common whatsoever in terms of ideology, and his enjoyment of their music was little more than when people say they like rap "because of the beat." Tom was just pointing out the obvious.
    Accidentally downvoted your post. Paul Ryan is in fact a major douche...and I go to his alma mater.
    He sounds like an angsty 15 year old. "nobodies punk rock anymore.....but me....look at my anti obama shirt.....the girls are def looking at my obama shirt.....yeah ladies...thats my shirt.....I wore it.....Cause "I'm still punk rock....punk rock's dead.....except for one is punk rock...but I'm still punk rock...I'm different...I'm.....special....check out my shirt so anti conformist....I got it different...not easy being punk rock...not easy at anti rock...the only punk rock....I'm awesome.
    This man's douchery with regards to 'punk' is best summed up by The Clash in White man in Hammersmith Palais, "Punk rockers in the UK, They won't notice anyway, They're all too busy fighting, For a good place under the lighting." Looks like he's just using the whole punk thing to make himself seem cool and principled.
    I used to respect Phil for his earlier ATR work, then I found out how much of an egotistical douche bag he is.
    Funny, the guy fronting the overly-commercialized Metallic Hardcore band lamenting about how nobody's Punk Rock anymore. Punks only looked anti-establishment because at the height of Punk's popularity they had to deal with Ronald Reagan and Thatcher. You'd look anti-establishment if you had to deal with trickle-down conservatives, too. I mean Jello Biafra is a part of the bloody Green Party for crying out loud, there's nothing really "anti-establishment" there. Maybe something along the lines of "making the establishment better", but libertarians wouldn't understand that, because it's all Statist Socialism to them! I still don't understand how guys like this hack can seriously look at the pro-poor/working class aspects of most Punk songs and twist it around to support libertarianism's hard-on for destroying the welfare/safety net, or how they think the obvious anti-capitalist stance of Punk can coincide with the extreme form of capitalism espoused by American Libertarians. It's like when neo-Nazi Punks thought "Kill the Poor" was 100% serious.
    King Bowser1986
    Phil has a point. When bush was in office everybody was so anti - government and anti war. Remember fat mike came out with the rock against bush album? But now we have obama and nobody saying a word unless its a word of support. Obama needs to be called out ....
    "But now we have Obama and nobody saying a word unless it's a word of support." You don't pay attention much. Do you?
    You don't "rage against the machine" for no apparent reason - that's not punk rock, that's being an ignorant bellend. Anyone who'd vote Romney over Obama needs their head checked.
    lets be honest dude, neither one of them are star politicians
    I don't know, I think they're both star politicians. They both exceed at being arrogant pricks who want to control other's lives based on their morals. They're both star politicians, but terrible leaders.
    Right, because Obama has been knocking it out of the park lately. The approval rating of this or any administration hasn't been this low in many many moons.
    If by "many moons" you mean "since our previous president," then yes you are correct.
    That would be many moons.
    "The approval rating of this or ANY administration." Clear reference to all of our country's presidents, saying that Obama's approval is the all time worst. Not that his ratings are great, but it is hilarious how wrong that statement is.
    Believe it or not Obamas approval ratings are even lower than Dubya
    Dubya's were at roughly a quarter approval ratings...Obama hasn't sunk that low yet.
    It's like getting shot in the head vs bleeding out, Obama just gives us enough time to try and get someone better. That is all.
    " can you be Rage Against the Machine and then vote for someone that's in the party that controls both the House and the Senate. So you're against the machine but you're voting for the candidate that is supported by both the House of Representatives and the Senate." Sorry, Phil, I'm not taking political advice from someone who doesn't even know that Republicans/conservatives have control of the House..and the Supreme Court for that matter.
    Scott O
    If you like your health plan you can keep it. If you like your doctor, you can keep him. Period. F%#k the machine.
    What is this obsession with artists complaining that 'no one is punk-rock' anymore? Does it really matter?
    I've always understood that "The Machine" was supposed to represent a government that tried to fill you in to the mold of a white american with a home in the suburbs and a sweater vest who opposed same-sex marriage and anything they didn't understand. By that logic, Morello's still raging against "The Machine" just not against "The Man" in this case, a man he obviously believes in.
    Ehh I mean he's right with Obama, I really do feel like he's like Hitler in some ways, my opinion. Bashing Morello is a silly blow to make, doesn't solve much just causes useless controversy, plus Morello is a knowledgable guy; I don't agree with a lot of what he has to say BUT I think many people have been fooled into Obama's degradation trap...even smart people. I really would like to see a punk band that bashes our government as well but whining isn't very punk Phil...or is it?
    I could agree with him to an extent. But no one party controls both chambers of congress at this point. If you're going to make political statements get your facts straight.
    >attacks "the machine" and talks about being against the establishment >pulls out typical conservative bullshit against "political correctness" Lol, this guy isn't very bright, is he?
    A un original singer talking down to a artist who has done alot for the common man. yeah because Tom's vatious charity work and civil rights rallies arent shit compared to Phil's.... Phil's... Im sorry what has Phil done that is edgy other then being in a copy and past killswitch engage clone and wear shirts you can buy at spencers?
    Ironically, Morello being an exception, entertainers of any stripe aren't exactly the most informed or educated people to be considered founts of wisdom. Most of them barely get through high school and spew their feelings with little effort to really understand issues. That aside, Morello is just totally wrong; socialism can never work and requires military force to control the population to maintain power. I guess that's a machine he rages For...