Alt-J: 'We Are Doing Better Than Radiohead!'

artist: Alt-J date: 10/27/2012 category: wtf?

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Alt-J: 'We Are Doing Better Than Radiohead!'
Alt-J have joked that they're better than Radiohead, saying that their first recordings are better than the Oxford band's early efforts. Speaking to NME, the Mercury nominated act, who are routinely called "the new Radiohead", said that when Radiohead first started out under the name On A Friday they were "really f---ing bad" and they're confident that their album "An Awesome Wave" is better. Talking about the comparisons, singer Joe Newman said: "Have you heard their very first thing, when they were called On A Friday? It's really f---ing bad." To which keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton replied: "We're doing better than Radiohead!" Speaking about the his theory for why the bands get compared to one another so often, Unger-Hamilton added: "I suppose it's that we're vaguely clever and posh." Newman was more self-effacing, saying: "Our party line is that they've got a career and we've released one album. They've consistently released amazingly progressive ideas throughout each album. That's not something we should be compared to because we've only got one - our shelf life compared to them is a blink of an eye. They're a fantastic band that we all enjoy, so we've undoubtedly been influenced by them in some way. But to be compared to them is a bit premature." Alt-J were recently covered by Mumford and Sons during the band's Radio 1 Live Lounge session. The folk band covering their track "Tesselate", a favour Alt-J say they are keen to return at some point in the future.
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